Forgetting All The Memories

They had started walking after Lolita hadn't been able to tell them anything. Carmen didn't like the silence: it was making her feel edgy, giving her mind time to freefall back to those memories she had tried so hard to lock away.

She had sneaked a glance at Jeredynn, who had also been trying to glance her way; the moment their eyes met then looked away made her remember that night, as young children they had eavesdropped on their parents. She knew her parents had had something to do with the Guild and the Lucis Organization which resided there, and so had Jeredynn's. They were born into this whether they had wanted to be or not. She wondered when as a child she had decided to banish all the memories of her younger years into the dark recesses where she never looked, not even in her nightmares. Now she was dredging up everything; back in the committee room, a spark had been created and now the flames had spread.

To divert her thoughts from the past she focused on looking around the street; they were walking aimlessly as they had no idea where the shadows or the Director had gone. She had the uneasy feeling of being watched; her fingers were twicthing by her side reflexively for her gun, and the back of her neck was prickling. It wasn't paranoia - Carmen knew to trust her instincts. She kept walking at her normal pace, and in her peripheral vision spotted a slight movement in a narrow alley between buildings across the street. Someone over there was watching them.

The End

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