In Danger

"...but Geoff!" cried a woman's voice from behind a hollow wooden door which seemed to tower over Jeredynn and "Snow" like a forbodeing giant,

"I've told you Gloria, we can't run away, not while we have Carmen" said a deeper voice, unfamiliar to Jeredynn but all too familiar to Carmen, she bent over and whispered,

"Thats's dad!" she whispered at Jeredynn, he put up one finger to his lips and mimed a "shush" pushing his ear onto the wood of the door,

"Geoff... You have to come, we can't split them up, do this for both of them." Pleaded  the voice Jeredynn knew belonged to his Father, he mouthed "Daddy" to Snow and she nodded, pressing her eye to the key hole. Jeredynn took his chance to admire her a little, she was leaning forward on her tiptoes putting her confidence in the sturdiness of the door, the moonlight shimmered across her braided dark hair, one strap of her red "Hello Kitty" dungaree's had slipped from her shoulder.

"See here Jerry!" shouted Carmen's Father,

"We can't take Carmen from everything she knows, we've just grown to settle in here and..."

"Then you'll die!" shouted Jeredynn's Dad.


The End

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