Prayer For Absolution

The Director watched Carmen laughing as she leapt agilely to the ground, landing in a crouch and springing to her feet again at once. Lolita rather than jumping dangled from the hole in the wall for a second before swinging out a little and backflipping to her feet. The boy looked impressed. 

He turned to Gritt. The shadow creature leaned against the wall, a mockery of human casualness. 

"You botched that mission," he reprimanded in his usual cold indifferent tone. "Not only did you fail to take out Carribal, your partner nearly killed my Assistant, and you nearly killed the girl too. Get out of here."

The shadow figure mimed doffing a hat sarcastically and dissipated into nothing. The Director turned back to watch them from his concealed psoition at the corner. They were talking to Lolita.

He felt a little twinge of regret for what he had done to Carmen. He had taken her in and made her trust him completely. He had never meant to betray her, especially since he had to work with her parents' killer to do so. But at least she didn't know it. Yet...

Father, he sighed, glancing skyward, absolve me of my sins. Of course, there was no reply. The Shadows were always right. There was no God, no higher being looking down on them all responsible for their creation. There was just the world on its own in a galaxy of darkness. 

He kept his eyes firmly on the clouds, as grey as his hair, as he vanished. 

The End

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