Pained Amber

    Jeredynn stuttered and scratched the back of his head, peering over the edge he began to sway gently, he was getting slightly dizzy.

"That'd be nice." he smiled flinching slightly as his right arm twinged with pain. Jeredynn looked at Carmen, her hand outstretched and a lapse of pain seemed to flash through her amber eyes as they met his own,

"What was that?" asked Jeredynn and Pliirith in unison, both concerned, but for separate reason's, Carmen cocked an eyebrow,

"Are you hurt?" Jeredynn asked scanning her up and down quickly,

"I bloody well hope she is..." whispered Pliirith, Jeredynn looked back with a frown, signalling her to be quiet. A red flush of color rushed over Carmen's face, she seemed to be embarrassed over his display of care and worry, Jeredynn found himself blushing too, he released a nervous laugh and asked again, Carmen shook her head and took his hand,

"Hold on..." he said as he began having second thoughts, too late. Carmen began lowering him over the drop, she must've been lay on the floor as her head was dangling over the edge of the hole smiling down at him, she nodded to signal a "get ready" Jeredynn closed his eyes and braced himself, curiously after what seemed to be less than seconds of falling he landed perfectly on his bottom.

The End

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