Deja Vu

It was as if the word echoed throughout the room, carried on the wind down a long dark tunnel you had happened to look into it after years of it being closed off.

She had known Jeredynn before. The shadows connected them. She gasped as she realised the stinging in her eyes was tears, determined to spill down her face. She scrubbed them away viciously with her sleeve. She didn't need all those memories now. Unwillingly she could remember the warm feeling of having someone who knew all the trials and tribulations of a short life and could truly understand. She didn't know if Jeredynn had made the connection, if he had recognised her at all. Truth be told, she hadn't recognised him until this very second after that look in his eyes had triggered the chain of memories. He was so much taller (of course), more refined. She wasn't going to mention it, she decided firmly. She couldn't afford for things like that to get in her way now she had this mission to focus on. There had been an open attack on the Guild and she was determined to track down those shadow beasts and destroy them.

"Come on," she said, spitting the words out between her teeth as if they were poison. "Let's get out of here and find them."

Jeredynn silently followed her to the gaping hole in the wall, Lolita too. He kept looking behind him conspicuously. There was a drop of maybe fifteen feet to the pavement below.

"Need help?" Carmen smiled, trying to banish the numbing nostalgia and grief that had so recently threatened to overwhlem her. She put one hand on the edge of the rubble, ready to swing out over the drop. "Do you want me to go first and show you how it's done?"

The End

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