The Pain of Winter

    Pliirith grunted in disapproval at the outstretched hand, offering a warmth and familiarity that Jeredynn desperately wanted to grasp,

"She'll dissapoint you y'know..." she mumbled intentionally forcing Jeredynn to listen carefully,

"Just like everyone else." Jeredynn's mind shot back to a painful childhood, a traveling childhood, one where he was never around long enough to gain the sensation of simply staying out past his curfew playing football with his friends, or the heart-skipping euphoric feeling of a first kiss, Jeredynn had been nothing but "The new kid" for his entire life. Though there was an exception...

"Thats me right?" Chimed Pliirith probably beaming to herself, Jeredynn shook his head.

Jeredynn's thoughts centered now on a sandpit, a sandpit with two five year-olds, one being him the other he was ashamed to say he'd forget her name and what she looked like but he could remember her hair - soft, flowing and the deep brown, almost black shade could've made the night green with envy. Her skin glowed a radiant white, he recalled of likening her to Snow White often followed by being tackled to the ground and tickled for doing so.

Jeredynn sat in the corner of the sandpit, his arms tucked under his knees and his head buried in his lap, he had terrible news for "Snow-White" and he couldn't bring himself to tell her,

"Whats rong Jer?" she asked whilst laying down her new bucket and spade, she rooted through her red dungaree's and brought forth a red strawberry lollipop she'd been saving for dinner,

"Jer want Lolly?" she asked sitting back on her heels and cocking her head, Jeredynn shuffled clockwise, hiding his tears from her,

"Jer?..." she squeaked quietly and through the corner of his eyes he could see the sting of tears biting at her's Jeredynn wiped all the evidence away and sprung up as if nothing was wrong, Jeredynn wanted to be her strong guy. He stroked her soft hair, a rush of air leaving him in a nervous gasp,

"Don't cwy Snow" he reassured her, kneeling down and holding her tight,

"It's okay S-snow" he sniffled biting his bottom lip in an attempt to escape the tears...

"Don't be so soppy Jered!" taunted Pliirith reeling him back to reality. Releasing a heavy sigh he stood upright, using his sleeve to swipe at tears that he weren't sure were one-hundred percent real.



The End

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