Lonely Promises

        The sound of high heels sounding in a corridor began to get louder, a gentle flick of hair as it interfered with her vision, a few precious silent moments. Maybe it wasn't her after all? A metallic slithering followed by an even louder metallic thump shook Jeredynn's body, forcing him to jump in surprise. He slowly crept away from Carmen and the injured secretary as the sound of two large doors creaked on their non-oiled hinges,

"Bonjour Jered!" squeaked an unwelcome voice. Jeredynn pressed his lips tightly together, letting as little noise as possible free,

"Leave Pliirith, I don't need you anymo..." Jeredynn was quickly interrupted by the girl,

"That's not what you were thinking during the service now was it?" asked Pliirith. Jered wished she couldn't pry into his mind so freely,

"Well thats tough isn't it sugar? I have the key!" she taunted, the sound of keys being bounced echoing around his brain,

"Please Pliirith... This isn't what I need right now" whispered Jeredynn, taking care to not alert the keen sensed, brown-haired girl before him, Pliirith - or at least he assumed it was Pliirith, began to giggle,

"She'll think your a lunatic, and she'll leave you all alone and then what will you do?" Pliirith knew where his concerns lay... which also meant,

"Yes! I do know what you think of her, and your not wrong. She is beautiful, though that gives me more reason to be here Jered. You promised you'd love me forever..."  Jeredynn's tongue cut itself short before it could answer, it was true, he had promised... and this is what had happened all due to one child's lonely promise, Jeredynn gritted his teeth,

"I couldn't love you Pliirith!" He barked shuddering upon the realization that both Lolita and Carmen were now looking at him, Lolita's face twisted in a look of confusing and Carmen's finger lingering over the holster at her waist.

The End

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