Questions With No Answers

Carmen didn't move or lower her weapon once the two had disappeared through the demolished wall.

Once she was sure they weren't waiting to spring again, she got up and stowed the pistol back in its orginal place and hurried over to Lolita, where she fell to her knees beside the body to check for a pulse. She was limp and white but there was a faint one there.

She felt Jeredynn's presence behind her and looked over her shoulder - he was offering her the gun back.

"Keep it. You might be needing it again."

She lifted the Assistant's eyelids, upon which they flickered of their own accord and Lolita groaned as she stirred. Her eyes, though even wider and larger through shock, were chocolate brown again.

"What happened?" she gasped, trying to sit up. Her small frame was still weak, an after effect of the possession.

"We were hoping you could tell us," she grimaced, and looking up at Jeredynn she could tell from the disappointment in his green eyes that he had been hoping for answers too.

The End

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