Serpent Lady

The bullets harmlessly collided with his black "flesh" like you'd imagine rain would a lake, he laughed nervously casting a gaze back to Laurel. He grimaced, he was certain that attacking the secretary would work,

"Laurel?!" he barked in confusion looking back with obsidian black irises at the motionless secretary, a shadowy liquid poured from her open mouth causing the small woman to cough and splutter, snaking across the ground it pooled by Gritt's silhoutted feet, a singular black fist shot up, causing Gritt to tip backwards,

"Stop panicking." came a silken voice as the pool began to writhe and boil upwards eventually contorting and hardening into the shape of a woman with a singular pair of large pink eyes,

"And just who made this hole in the wall?" she asked rhetorically gesturing toward the impact hole-  a product of Gritt's disobedience,

"I think we'd best make our escape from this mess. Don't you?" she asked this time not rhetorically, Gritt whimpered and liquefied himself slithering out of the hole in the wall like a frightened serpent.

Laurel turned to the filing cabinet and the two behind it, more importantly the boy, he wasn't exceptionally special or brave looking in-fact he looked frightened and his sleeve was torn, providing a sling for his right arm. She scoffed and began to liquefy.



The End

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