Something In Their Eyes

Carmen felt like she was floating. It was the kind of feeling you would get if you were on your back in a swimming pool with your eyes closed at night. Her eyelids felt much too heavy but she managed to peel them open wearily. Her arms were criss-crossed with a myriad of shallow cuts from shattered window glass; her legs had no feeling in them from the filing cabinet that had toppled across them. With gritted teeth she levered it enough up to slide her legs out with a very unfeminine grunt.

Looking round the room she had to squint through smoke and dust and wreckage. There was a whimpering and growling sound; crawling through the debris of the committee room and scrambling to her feet, Carmen saw Lolita embracing a shadow figure. It released her and drew back its shadowy limb, forming the shape of a gun. A movement in her peripheral vision alerted her to Jeredynn, as he lunged towards the shadow figure. Carmen instinctively held out her arm, effectively cutting off his rescue.

"What are you DOING?" he cried, "It's going to kill her!"

"It's not her anymore," Carmen replied grimly. She was trained to recognise the shadows in someone's eyes; you could see them in the eyes of confessed killers, rapists, murderers; the scum of the Earth all had the same colour-tinged eyes. Lolita's were a pink-stained brown whereas when she had led them to this room they had been the colour of chocolate.

"Here," Carmen made a snap decision, pulling the gun from the hip holster and throwing it to Jeredynn along with an ammo clip. He caught it, looking baffled, but loaded the gun. She pulled out the small pistol tucked into a strap around her thigh - her back up back up weapon - and cocked it.

At the sound the oblivious shadow turned, raising its weapon-shaped hand. Carmen opened fire then ducked behind the fallen barricade of cabinets as the shadow impossibly deflected the bullets like stones bouncing off a window. Jeredynn ducked down beside her as the bullets headed back their way and peppered the metal shield.

The End

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