A Ruined Plan

    Jeredynn brought up a hand to confirm it, it was definitely blood. streaming from a cut above his right eye, blinding him and dripping from his chin like a gory tap. Jeredynn lay still, an uneasy silence  lingered around him like a moth to an open flame, a helpless and pained voice pierced it like a nail. Jeredynn placed his right arm down on the ground and tried to push himself up, that was when the pain really hit him, it seemed to shoot up his arm like a bullet tearing the nerves from his hand to his shoulder, Jeredynn flinched with the pain, just missing his tongue as the portcullis of his teeth snapped shut.


"H-help!" Cried a distinctively female voice through the gray dust of the building, Jeredynn snapped his neck toward the direction it came from. Crouching over what he assumed was the voice's owner was a very dark figure, though Jeredynn put the silhouette down to the heavy dust all around him,

"Thank god, please you've got to..." the voice trembled slightly,

"What is it darling?" asked a new male voice with a slight tone of menace hiding behind a mask of concern,

"Your not... scared of shadow's now are you Princess?" it asked a clear pained tone in the masculine voice. The silhouette lifted up the figure, an extremely clear figure, and smashed her into the glass display case behind her. It was Lolita, the secretary that had so kindly greeted them as they entered her eyes glistened with the salt of tears and pain, and her glasses flew from her face smashing somewhere out of sight.

"I'll give you a reason to be frightened of shadows sweetheart" it growled a gun materializing in it's hand... no... it was the hand.



The End

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