Drawn and Quartered

With Laurel now showing the two into the Guild, Carribal had no choice but to exit the Chairman's body. The woman and man - slightly dazed - headed off into the building while Laurel went into the committee room. Carribal followed, the shadows of his being whipping and coiling in irritation and outrage.

The Director of the Guild - the perfect target! - was sat right there with a young member and him! The boy!

As if the plan hadn't already been botched.

He gave a look towards Laurel, who was stood behind the Director's chair, and a gesture, saying clearly that if she compromised absolutely anything she was dead. As dead as darkness can be, anyway.

He raced to the window and looked out at the street. He spotted Gritt and Thierry in the shadows of the bakery, and signalled to them with a flash of his red eyes. They sent out a laser beam of red light which caused the pair to look up at the window. The only reason Carribal would draw attention to himself was if the plan was off. And it was off by far. First Laurel's rebellion and now the person they were looking for was in the very building they were trying to destroy.

To his disbelief, Gritt had raised his arm again.

The End

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