Brother's shadows

    Gritt leaned against the building opposite the guild chewing a toothpick. The building was a bakery, a fairly locally famous bakery that claimed it couldn't be beaten on price or quality for miles, it wasn't much wrong there, it was one of the only bakeries for a few miles. That was where Carribal had told him to wait, to wait for exactly five minutes, when the bell began to ring, then to open fire, not on anything in particular, just the building itself. He began to drool thinking of what he would use and how he would use it, he could materialize his arm into a gatling gun and rip the building (and hopefully a few bystanders) to shreds and then... no, no that plan was too impersonal. Gritt balanced the toothpick he'd been chewing on upon his bottom lip and began to tap his foot impatiently.

Then "Lucian" arrived, striding casually through the wall beside Gritt as if it were simply air, Gritt opened one eye, casually glancing over to "Lucian"

"That's a hideous body Bro" he taunted closing his eye again and rolling up one sleeve,

"You need one more like mine" he jested whilst flexing his bicep and smirking,

"Yes... and how long have you had that body for now little brother?" asked "Lucian" raising one eyebrow. Gritt grimaced, he knew his current body didn't have long left before he had to give it up, about a month in fact,

"Shut up Thierry." he snapped, spitting the toothpick at his brother's new body. Thierry sighed and caught the toothpick in mid-flight,

"Your obsessed with these little things Gritt, it's unhealthy" Thierry crushed the toothpick between two fingers.

That's when the unmistakable sound of twelve 'o'clock began to ring, the brother's smirked simultaneously nodding at the other in confirmation. Thierry's shadow vanished into the ground, leaving the empty Lucian-skin behind, Gritt cackled, his shadow began to swarm around his arm, forming a distinctively grenade launcher-shaped silhouette.



The End

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