Carribal was a patient man. Well, he liked to think of himself as a man. It was his favourite manifestation. But manifestations were tiring to keep up for more than a few hours, and mostly easily seen through.

He waited outside the Guild. It was supposed to be a withheld location but it was much too easy to find if you knew what you were looking for. Across the square, a man and a woman came up the steps from the train station and hurried at a brisk pace towards the Guild's front steps. Right on cue, Laurel appeared beside him. His partner in crime, her shadow form was quite small.

As the pair were met at the front door by the Director's Assistant, the pair of shadows followed. Carribal knew his target; he forced his way in, invisible, through the man's mouth. He choked for a minute mid-speech while he asserted himself inside the body.

"It's fine, I'm fine," he reassured the concerned looking women. His voice came out a little harsher but they didn't notice. Excellent. He looked around for Laurel. She was supposed to take over the woman.

He could see her dark shadowy figure on the steps; the others could not. Her glowing pink orbs of eyes - his were red - were surveying the Assistant.

"Much better," she said, and before Carribal could admonish her - revealing himself to the others anyway - she was doing exactly the same to the Assistant as he had just done to the Chairman.

The End

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