The Formal Old Man

    The gruff looking man gestured toward an incredibly varnished table and three chairs, as if he'd been expected or something, wasn't this just a police office? The man was dressed in a fully black suit and wielding a cane that seemed to have have some sort of small animals skull as the headpiece, Jeredynn began to stare at the headpiece trying to make out the animal from between the old mans fingers.

"Well?" Asked the formally dressed man, Jeredynn attempted to open his mouth but was interrupted,

"Not you boy..." sighed the important looking man, pushing up his glasses and massaging the bridge of his nose,

The girl shot Jeredynn a harsh glare and quickly snapped her head back to the graying man before them,

She told him everything, absolutely everything, she even showed no shame in revealing she'd been watching him for up to three hours since the funeral had finished, Jeredynn grew quizzical and anxious, Carmen was more or less finished anyway, she'd told him how she'd killed that guy(thing?) so that was it really. He could interrupt politely if he wanted and he did.

"Wait, isn't this a police station? I thought we were here to talk about that psycho? What do you mean you were "watching" me? What is this place" blurted Jeredynn all at once,

"Carmen... you really didn't explain anything to him?" he asked sighing and massaging again, Carmen shook her head.

"So your name's Carmen?" asked Jeredynn ignoring the rather irritated looking old man,

"Child! This bloody well isn't a police station. That psycho wasn't a psycho. Don't get any idea's boy, Carmen's got no emotional attachments to you, And this" he boomed gesturing to the room around him,

"Is the guild that's all you need to know for now and that's all you will, for now"

The End

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