The Guild Institute

The Director walked back into the expansive richly-decorated foyer of the Guild Institute, having just materialised on the front doorstep. He adjusted the knot of the funereal black tie at his throat and walked into the main building, where he was met by his Assistant, Lolita. She had a small pointed pixie face with large brown eyes and tufty black hair, making her appear frightened and childlike at all times. However she was very efficient.

"Any word from Carmen?" he said in a  growl as she led him to the committee room with short bounding steps.

"Should be reporting any minute," she replied in a singsong voice. She skipped out as a buzzer rang - only the lesser members of the Guild had to use the intercom to gain entrance. Certainly not the Director.

Lolita returned with Carmen and the tall chestnut-haired boy named Jeredynn. Both looked slightly wet; as the Institute had no ground floor windows he hadn't known that it had begun to rain.

"Good," the Director said importantly, gesturing for them to take seats at the highly polished table. "I have some important things to discuss with you."

The End

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