"Lucian" and gritt


Lucian yawned. Pushing back his office chair it glided across the laminate flooring of his office - a large room, with authentic teak sideboards decorating one half of the walls and a sickly green wallpaper decorating the other. His chair came to rest against one of the sideboards, he shot out of his chair and fumbled for the telephone pre-emptively, it rang, causing him to hold it away from his ear for a second while he pressed the flashing button labeled "L'1"

"Hello. This is Lucian Troffle, head of Troffle Banking, may I ask who's speaking please?"

A gruff voice answered his polite greeting and Lucian's face dropped from that of a jolly, eccentric, bizarre head of a corporation to that of a more serious man,

"Thank god it's you Gritt." came a new voice where once Lucian's had been,

"This skin is far too roomy, I feel all exposed!" the other end of the line chuckled, so did "Lucian"

"Hmm? Yeah of course I can dump him, Yes, yes I know he was a fat guy but... I like a challenge Gritt, you know me." 'Lucian' placed the phone back on the receiver. He sat back down on his blue office chair and pushed back over to his desk. He reached an arm into the space below the desk.

The End

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