Carmen stepped inside and as her eyes adjusted to the dimness she thought she saw something hovering in front of Jeredynn where he sat on the same bench as before, but when she looked harder there was nothing there. She scanned the pews and recesses but Jeredynn was alone.

"Who were you talking to?" she asked suspiciously, leaning down to replace the stiletto she had retrieved back in her boot. Jeredynn looked up and his face went blank and calm, but Carmen was an expert at reading faces. She had seen the flash of fear in his eyes.

"Nobody. I get it," Carmen grimaced. Perhaps he had been wondering aloud at his own misfortunes. She took a few steps closer then stopped. There was definitely something wrong - Jeredynn's eyes were guarded and when she tried to read his thoughts through them he dropped his head.

"I don't have time to explain to you what's going on," Carmen said, "But we have to get out of here. More of those things will be after you and I can take you somewhere safer. There're people who need to talk to you."

There was no response. She turned on her heel and walked to the door, looking back over her shoulder.

"Jeredynn? Are you coming, or not?"


The End

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