Pliirith's Return

"Not now!" Barked Jeredynn pressing both sides of his head with his dirt-stained knuckles, it sounded hurt

"But Jeredynn... I thought you liked me" came the faint ghostly voice,

"Get out of my head Pliirith!" ordered Jeredynn bashing at the side of his head wincing as she began to get louder, she asked him why he was so keen to see her off,

"There was a time you were glad of my company Jered" she chimed releasing a sickly schoolgirl's giggle, at one time he may have found it cute.

He tried to hide his thoughts, he tried desperately hard not to let her see what had happened since she left, he just had to let his mind wander, that was the key, to think about so much yet so little that she couldn't wade her way through it. He'd gotten rusty. A taunting wolf-whistle called at him,

"Who's she?" asked Pliirith, a drop of pain added to her tone,

"There isn't someone else is there?" Jeredynn knew whom she asked of, he'd let the thoughts of Carmen slip through in his mind, just for a second but that was enough, Pliirith was on them in seconds, using them to taunt him as she often did.

Jeredynn imagined her- a faceless shadow with two large innocently blue eyes, tapping one foot and folding her arms in a sort of mock housewife style,

"Well?" she asked, a definite tone of irritation to her voice, Jeredynn bit down on his lip and made fists of his hands,

"Nobody" replied the teenager and to that Pliirith exhaled heavily through its nose... if she even had a nose, and Jeredynn un-tightened his fists. At that moment the old chapel door swung open, Jeredynn turned to face Carmen,

"Wow... she is pretty..." Gasped Pliirith, probably using his eyes to watch what he was seeing,

"Well just have her back by midnight champ" she taunted then kissing her hand (presumably) and blowing him a kiss,

"I'll be back Jered..." said Pliirith with a melodic chime to her voice, a chime that sent dread resonating through Jeredynn like an earthquake.

The End

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