Direction From A Higher Station

She watched Jeredynn running back up the slope, his long legs giving him some kind of gangly grace.

The shadow creature had disappeared again, reforming just to Carmen's left. She had one last weapon left. She tugged the stiletto tucked down the side of her boot free and hurled it as it became solid once more. The poison-laced blade struck it right through the heart and it exploded in a shower of darkness that cascaded over her like icy water. She knew that wouldn't be the last of them though. She had to get Jeredynn and get him out of there. But as she turned to follow his path back up to the chapel, her way was blocked by a man that had appeared from nowhere.

"Good work, Carmen," he said in a dispassionate voice. He looked entirely unremarkable - gunmetal grey hair, a dark pinstripe suit. But the steel colour of his eyes and the veins almost bursting from his thick knuckles spoke otherwise. "Get the boy to the Guild before any more of them arrive."

Carmen nodded affirmation and blinked, knowing before she re-opened her eyes that he would be gone.

She raced back up the slope, dodging the tombstones, and slowed just outside the creaking wooden chapel doors. As she paused to regain her breath before entering, she thought she heard voices.

The End

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