Shadow Smoke

Jeredynn stood rigid, his feet felt rooted, sewn to the ground with invisible daemonic threads. Before him Carmen launched herself forward, colliding with the black thing that Jeredynn hadn't quite made up his mind about. As the pair hit the floor the dark figure seemed to evaporate into a dark gas. The gas danced across the silver moon, coming alive in the pale lighting. It approached Jeredynn and began to flow around him, dancing with him, toying with him and blinding him in a tornado of dark fumes.

    Jeredynn felt a hand grasp him by the shoulder and firmly pull him through the black duvet of smoke.

    The air rushed out from him as he collided with the brown cobblestones like in primary school when Frank Johnson had punched him really hard in the stomach and he'd got to go home early, but this was nothing like that, there were no sympathetic friends and friendly teachers, there was just Jeredynn, an irritated girl glaring through him and the gaseous shadow behind him.

    He jumped as Carmen spoke to him, her silken voice slithering down his back, he opened his eyes wide and nodded,    

    "To the church?" he asked as Carmen bounded forward, her hair flowing backward like a breeze as she passed the teenager.

The End

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