Chess In The Graveyard


Jeredynn exhaled heavily, stuffing his hands into the reaches of his pockets, he kicked a stray stone, he smirked with half-heart as the stone scrambled along the cobbles in an attempt to escape his next kick. Only paying attention to the floor and his new found companion he was shocked when it collided with a boot, a ladies high-heeled boot which was connected to a leg, a leg decorated with tights that weren't completely dissimilar to webs, a black skirt covered from her mid-thigh upwards and he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as her pale hand gripped a sheathed weapon that was hooked to the top of her skirt.

    Jeredynn stepped back, viewing the girl entirely. There was a blade to her throat and an eerie, mischievous smile danced across her face from pale cheek to pale cheek as if to say "Checkmate!". He winced trying desperately hard to view her assailant, in the hopes of freeing her somehow, he didn't know how exactly... Maybe some form of rock or... it didn't matter, for now finding him was key, but behind the girl lay nothing, nothing at all... or was there? Then faster than a flash two red dots which he'd put down to random lights blinked, and the shadows that lay across the girls chest and forehead re-positioned themselves was it possible that this creature was made of shadows?

The creature seemed to be scanning him, investigating his presence, he(it?) took a few steps back and it loosened it's grip, only slightly, but enough. Then she struck.

The End

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