The boy shivered as a shrill breeze blew through his hair, the noise each of his steps seemed to be absorbed by the night, ringing out into a dark abyss, Jeredynn sighed, he let his hand carefully run itself along the top of his Mother's headstone, the cold granite felt good against his pale skin, Jeredynn lowered himself to his knees, the new earth felt foreign to kneel on, as if he shouldn't really touch it. "Why Mum?" he asked, reading the epitaph etched into the headstone's face,

"...Beloved Wife and Mother,"

"...Wife and Mother"

"...and Mother"

"...Mother" Those words were hollow, meaningless, a void where you knew something warm was meant to be. He hadn't known his parent's, at least not much, this funeral merely confirmed the suspicion bleeding away in his mind. Jeredynn frowned, he stood upright, a sting of tears biting at his eyes, Jeredynn kicked at the headstone, intentionally missing. He glanced up toward the church.

The End

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