Something Out There

It hadn't taken Carmen long to notify them of her observations. They would probably be disappointed she hadn't found something more incriminating. It seemed the boy knew nothing of his parents at all. The people he loved and thought he knew were complete strangers.

She strode swiftly through the clusters of granite headstones marking the final resting places of dozens of the dead, people who hadn't mattered then and wouldn't matter ever again. She didn't want to lose track of Jeredynn - he was the key to everything, even if he didn't know it yet.

There he was, walking down the rows as if he was just out for a stroll. Her amber eyes froze as she spotted a movement in the darkness behind him. The moon was suddenly obscured by clouds, plunging the place into darkness. But she had already seen the creature and the glint of it's blade. She should have known they weren't safe from the other side.

The End

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