Jeredynn watched the shadows dance across the chapel floor the silver light of the new moon setting them alight. Everyone had long since left leaving the newly made orphan to wallow in his lonely and dark thoughts.

No-one at the service would tell him what happened, he'd never even met the people who came to mourn his parents passing, yet they knew him, each sympathetic and helpless face greeted him like a nephew, the kind that they saw nothing of yet put on a charade of sickly kindness in their presence,

"Your poor Mother, I told her never to marry that man! I specifically said to her "Gloria, that mans no good!" and see where she is now boy? Dead! all because of your stupid Father." Said a wrinkled lad, around her mid-fifties whom claimed to be his Grand-mother,

"Jeredynn! I'm terribly sorry about... Well, y'know... Your Dad and whatnot" Said a weedy, apologetic man whom Jeredynn later found was his Father's best friend. Why had he never met such close relatives? Wondered the sixteen year old bringing his head down into his hands.

The End

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