Cliff: Searching

Cliff clicked onto the internet, tapping his foot at the page loaded. He switched onto the news page looking for anything that was a tell-tale sign of his race still alive. He surfed through some pages, nothing interesting catching his eye. Missing child……. sexual offense, offender in custody………. New law passed……… What's this? Robbery? He clicked onto the story, foot tapping faster now. He scanned through the report, and his heart sank in his chest. It was only a caught shoplifter, not one of his kind searching for silver, their life drug.
          He sighed, and pushed back his chair. He shrugged oh his coat and exited his small, and grungy apartment room. He pushed through the main door to the motel, into the busy streets of the city. He shoved through the bustling crowds, looking in a vain, but hopeful search to stumble upon one of his the other exiled of his race. He sat down at an outdoor cafe and ordered a coffee, and some eggs. It was a brisk morning, with the sun dutifully trying to push through he gloomy clouds.
          The waiter brought him his food, and he sipped his coffee, feeling the beverage wash down his throat. He took a few bites of the eggs to not arouse suspicion, but then lowered his hand under the table, fork in his grasp. As he consumed his life essence, warmth flowed through his bones, more refreshing that the coffee. He leaned back in his chair, bringing the cup to his lips. He favored this cafe because of their silver utensils. A missing fork or spoon here and there went unnoticed, humans always overlooked small details. Ironically those were the one that mattered most of all.
          He walked down a side street, and the crowds thinned until he was one of a few who was out strolling down the uneven sidewalks. He kept his head down as he traipsed down the avenues and highways. He passed as he watched a little child playing in a front lawn. She ran and jumped, then on sight of her dad, sped into his awaiting arms. She squealed with delight, and the father smiled and laughed as he swung her round and round in a loving embrace. Cliff tore his eyes away and hastily turned the corner to another road. Making himself feel lonely, and mourning for his own source of love from another would not help him in the least. He had a mission to do.
          He swiftened his step, and continued his wandering journey. As he came onto another highway he passed a young, attractive girl, carrying a backpack, and munching on an energy bar on the other side of the road. She glanced at him warily, but made no move as they walked past each other. Now all the locals are afraid of me, he thought with a sigh. He looped around another road until he came to the trail into the woods. He hiked though following the trails that he knew would eventually lead back to the city. An hour later he was back at his apartment, sitting down at his computer. As he wearily pulled up the news again.
          For the second time today his heart leapt up into his throat as he excitedly clicked onto an recently posted new article. Jewelry store theft, multiple silver items reported stolen, owner outraged, this might be it! Especially silver stolen was a dead tip off. A grin split his face and he leapt up from his chair reaching for his coat once again. He tried to force himself to calm down, this could just be an unlucky coincidence, but the other part of him was so exhilarated he felt like shouting for joy.
          He took the stair two at a time as he flew down the stairwell and out the door. He jumped into his car, jamming his key into the ignition. As the car sputtered to life, he floored the pedal flying out of the lot. Again he forced himself to calm, getting a speeding ticket would not help him search. He looked at the address he'd scribbled down, and pushed it into his GPS. As it found the location he sped of down the road. His spirits dropped a little bit as he looked at the time the trip would take and saw an hour and a half, but did not let it deter him. A ways into his journey he saw a gas station, then came to a house further down the road. To his amazement, as he saw a truck parked in a drive way, a girl jumped out from under a tarp covering the bad of the truck, and take off into the woods, a man yelling after her. As he looked closer he thought his eyes were deceiving him.
          He slammed on the brakes, his head flying forward then back in a minor whiplash. The girl was the same one he had seen walking on the road! He was about to open the door, and go off in pursuit of her, when he stopped himself, remembering the original purpose of his journey. He stared at the running girl torn between the two choices that faced him. The girl disappeared into the treeline, and after a moment, he reluctantly started driving again. His destination was more important than chasing after a girl. Still though, this mysterious girl sparked his curiosity. His thoughts were soon cut short as he stopped, and turned off his car. He had arrived.

The End

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