Flicker of Flames

     A lone figure hovered just above an aged cliff side. The grass beneath it seemed to reject it's presence as the lush green withered to a lifeless grey. Below was yet another event in the everlasting war: It was merely a brief skirmish between the rage of the firey haired, dark skinned races of the south and the intellect of the blue haired aquatic race of the north.

    It fluttered gently down unto the recently lively soil, lay down on it's front, cradled it's head in it's hands and kicked it's legs back and forth in a rhythmic fashion. It watched gleefully from the relative safety of it's secret vantage point, not that it couldn't protect itself but it preferred not to.

    Amongst the unorganized rabble of the fire red horde a wave of movement caught the dark eyes of the hidden watcher as the biggest of the brutes - wielding what seemed to be a sword that had been set alight, made his way through the brutal looking rabble. His hordes quickly quietened as he passed as if honoring his presence with their obvious fear. He passed into the small space between the two opposing armies and raised his arm. A roar resonated through the crowd behind him as the monster acknowledged his underlings.

    A torrent of water rushed forward and collided with the ground in front of the beast of a fairy. It disappeared in a cloud of blue steam as it collided with the black earth of the overly used battlefield. The steam dissipated with the strong wind revealing a tall figure whom rivaled the beast in terms of height, though definitely not breadth. He flicked back his blue pair revealing graceful features molded around the entrancing gaze of sea-stained eyes.

    The two stood solid. An eerie silence fell over the two armies and as the tension rose it squealed in delight - It knew what was coming next and it watched with hungry eyes as the sea of blue hair stood to attention and the uncontrollable flames of red began to become anxious, gripping their weapons and beginning to put finishing touches to the intimidating warpaint upon their bodies,

"Hello Blazen," said sea-stained smiling at the brutish fire-lord before him,

"Shame we had to meet like this eh? Though I reckon it was inevitable. Don't you?" the monster looked shocked for a few seconds though he was very quick to adjust his composure. The look of confusion morphed back into a frightening snarl,

"Nort art all Kud-El," he barked back at the intelligent looking fairy,

"Ah've bin lukking forwurd to dis I 'ave," letting out the smallest of smirks,

"We no what you cheatuhs 'ave been up tah wi' dose fast buggars..."

"You mean the Air clan? Ah yes, a much more cheery bunch than yourselves. Y'know they're keen to end the war..." interrupted Kud-El, though it thought sea-stained was a much better name,

"Cowerdlee buggarz...." he said to himself looking down to the floor,

"Well, good fing I sent som've mah boyz over dere beforuh den." He chuckled to himself sending a small gaze back over his army, demanding that they laugh with him. The horde erupted with laughter.

    A liquid blade apparated in sea-stained's fists as he clenched his hands and gritted his teeth,

"Damn you Blazen!" barked sea-stained throwing himself toward the fiery monster.

    The black haired figure erupted in a plethora of squeals.


The End

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