Dueling and CatchingMature

"We had just gotten away from the Wardens and we went into a pub," I stopped to take a breath, swinging my sword at Duncan as I back-stepped with a smile creeping onto my face, "And when we had gotten up to our room after a night of drinking, there they were. Waiting for us."

I ducked as I heard air whistle past Riordan's blade, barely missing it. "That must have been close to around when I met you for the first time. We we're never stationed at the same spot but you were in so much trouble they made me watch after you." I kicked back off Duncan's plated armor, twisting around to contact my blade with the man behind me. He stopped it with his own sword, smirking a little as he stepped towards me, the sword crossing mine with ease and pressing to my neck. "Is that correct?"

I nodded, pulling back and swiftly moving between his legs to come up behind him when he started for me again. I aimed the sword at his back, pushing him towards Duncan. "Yes, that's when we met, I do believe. I also think that's when I had seduced you into letting me leave again."

Riordan laughed as they circled each other, giving me time to catch my breath. "I think it was I who seduced you, Silver. I led you right into a locked room." He moved quickly past Duncan's strikes, matching each with his own. I sighed, watching them with excitement as I took a drink of water from the lake. Duncan had bested him after quite a while of dueling, only catching him by a mere second from behind.

"Well, friends. I should be off to start the fire back up for dinner. I assume I'll see you soon, Silver? Or will you be sticking around to test out my work on your sword? " His smile was wide as he walked to me, letting my use him to help stand so I could give him a hug.

"Thank you for fixing my blade. You know how much it meant." I muttered, my head barely to his shoulders as he hesitantly pulled his own strong arms around my tiny frame. Riordan leaned back at the tree, happiness in his eyes as he watched us. Sweat plastered his hair to his face as he pulled away, his brown eyes shimmering slightly as he stepped from my shadow.

"No problem. That blade of your means much to me, too. I just don't think you'd look right with a different sword, you've had that damned thing since we were in our teens."

I giggled, looking down at the steel. To me it was beautiful, and so much more than just a blade. "It is a bit.. Rusted."

"Rusted isn't the word, darling. That thing needs more help than I can give. The tip is duller than a baby bear's ass."

I narrowed my eyes at him, trying to suppress a smile. "Hey, don't be so mean to her. You still have Stain." He sighed, beginning to exit the small empty spot of forest in which we were practicing on. He turned his head, his eyes squinting through the sun at me.

"But I don't use the piece of nug shit to slay dragons."

With that, he exited, leaving me and Riordan to finish our practice. He stepped out of the shade of the tree, armor glistening in the light as he made his way to me. "Are you alright to continue? I already hate swinging swords at my friends but if I were to ever strike you down, I'd hate myself, too." My heart beat was twice the normal, ringing through my ears as he inched towards me. I back stepped, slipping over a tree trunk. His arm gripped at my waist, slowly pulling me to my feet, and even closer to him. "Are you alright, Silver? I bet you thought I wouldn't catch you."

I let go of my lip, looking up at him completely breathless. "Whether you or Duncan, I'm always being caught, lest I'm alone. Then I fall on my rump in an excruciating way." Riordan smiled, his breath hitting my lips as he pulled his arm tighter around me, letting the blade fall from his other hand. Our foreheads touched as we embraced, listening to the winds travel through the trees in silence for a moment.

"Is it alright if I don't let go when I catch you, Silver? You fall quite a lot, and if I keep holding on you won't have a chance to fall. I promise to prevent you from falling as much as I can, I could protect you with my life." His words rattled my insides and made my heart go faster. I closed my eyes, inhaling a large sum of air as his head tipped- his lips nearly touching mine. "If I had it my way, sweetheart, you would never fall in the first place and I would never let go."

"Bloody hell, Riordan. Just kiss me. My heart is already a puddle."

He pulled away with a smirk on his face, wagging a finger at me. "Only if you catch me." Picking up my sword and handing it to me before grabbing his own. The tips of our swords touched as we both moved into battle stance, circling once again.

"I will do so with ease, darling." With that I had charged at him, skidding to a stop when he had moved from my way, grabbing my arm to hold me up, his body pressed to mine with his sword to my neck.

"If so, why it I still doing the catching?" His breath hit my neck, clouding up my mind again as his lips lingered over my skin- sending a chill up my spine before moving away again. I turned to face him, pressing my blade to his chest as he back to the tree.

"You won't let me catch you, Orlais. Tis not my fault but yours. I come to you with open arms." I whispered to him, lips grazing his once before he ducked out of my grasp.

"Maybe because you've already caught me, Fereldan." He spoke a few feet behind me, my sword swinging to stop his. We swung at each other for quite some time, each hit measuring the other. He had knocked my sword from me but I carried on and dodged his blows. Finally, I grabbed his sword and ran towards him, our bodies colliding into one another as we hit the ground- his sword falling from my fingers.

"Will you kiss me now?" I breathed, hands reaching to either side of him to steadily hold myself up. Riordan grabbed onto my hands before they hit the ground, gently flipping me to my back as his lips hovered over mine- a hand running down my cheek.

"With pleasure." Before his lips touched mine, I looked into his eyes, fingers running to his hair.

"There's just one fall you cannot cease, though, Riordan.." He pressed his face to my palm, leaving a tender kiss on my wrist as he concentrated on my eyes with his lusty blue ones.

"Which is that?"

I looked deep into his eyes, a smile forming on my pursed lips. "My falling for you." He pulled my closer, leaning to my ear a little.

"That is the only fall I wish not to end, my sweet." Riordan's lips finally met mine as my fingers laced in his, our eyes falling shut simultaneously. The kiss was in tune on both sides, and our movements matched as in battle with the racing of our hearts. For once, I didn't care if I fell.

The End

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