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Riordan jumped a little as I pulled the tiny black thread through his arm for a final time, looking down at the nicely sewn laceration. I bit off the string close to the needle, sticking it through my pants so I could use both hands to tie a knot in the string. "You'd make a great seamstress, Silver. That's a mighty fine job you did." His voice broke through the silence as he flopped back down on the cot with a sigh. I sat his arm down, staring at my handiwork in admiration as he flexed his hand, a smile adorning my face.

"Thank you, I suppose. Maybe the Wardens will one day need me to knit them scarves and mittens." My response to his compliment had made us both laugh a little, our eyes meeting for a second as I placed my hand gently over his injury. He had looked away from me as our skin touched. What had gotten into him? "I'll try my best to mend the bone as best I can." I nearly whispered, closing my eyes as heat came from my hand, a white-blue light going over his arm. After I had done what I could, he adverted his gaze back to me, his curiosity seemingly getting the best of him.

"Where did you learn your magic? I didn't know you could heal. You wield a sword."

I looked to him, resting back on my elbow. "I had a friend in the circle. He ran from there to here a lot but he seemed to have time to teach me what he could before he left, always. I bare magic in my bloodline so I had some reserves I didn't know about. Nice man, quite young to know so much. I haven't seen him in a few years now, though. Dear, Maker, what was his name.. Uh. Started with a-"

"Anders, you mean? That foolish man that tried to evade the templars to be with you and kept getting caught throughout the years?"

I bit my lip at Duncan's words, feeling quite uncomfortable once more. Why must he jump in all the time? He knew everything I had forgotten, I swear he held the other half of my brain. Riordan looked from Duncan back to me, his eyes seeming dull. Was he perhaps jealous? "Is that true, Silver? You were with a mage?"

I nodded, moving my gaze to Alistair who had somehow gotten engaged in our conversation. "A mage! How horrific. Those large sticks they use must be compensating for something. You should know better." He grinned at me, leaning back against the wood log. I glared at him, a sigh falling from my lips.

"And so do giant great swords, yes? I can find out quite easily and make your life a living hell. But shouldn't a templar like yourself know what mages lack? They are the ones frisking them before shoving them into the tower."

"Forget I said anything." He replied quickly, shuffling his feet in the dirt like he always did when he was nervous. I smiled, somewhat feeling accomplished in getting him to shut up. I really didn't want to talk about Anders. In fact, he was the very last thing on my list that I never want to talk about, if he was even on the list to begin with. I wish I would've said 'This is not the time to bring this up' or 'I don't want to hear of him any longer', yes, that would've shown that I was hurt but as long as he wasn't the subject of discussion I wouldn't care. Instead, I kept my mouth shut and the conversation dragged on to my distaste.

"So.. How.. Was it?..." Riordan's voice seemed a little off pitch and awkward, and he ignored eye contact. I raised my eyebrow, not answering as I stared down at him. "I mean... Intimacy with a mage.."

My face flushed red as I tried to force out words. Scratching my arm nervously, a cleared my throat to speak. "It was.." I searched for words, reminiscing on the days that we spent together, and the nights that we would share. Just, don't give to much information, don't show interest, enthusiasm- Nothing. Just, keep it to yourself. I thought to myself, taking a breath, "Decent.. Why do you ask?"

Riordan looked over to me, something flashing in his eyes. "Just.. Decent?" I shook my head, gnawing into my lip as I searched his eyes for any hint to what he was thinking. "Oh, I was under the impression that it was more than decent. Magnificent even. I've heard that they can summon lightning to.. Arouse." My eyes widened and my mouth dropped, I was in shock he even said that. He saw my face and laughed, returning to the Riordan I knew in swift seconds. "Oh, Silver, don't get your knickers in a bunch, I was just curious. I guess I'll have to change my mind and not take up magic as a side job."

"That's why you wanted to practice magic? Sex? Are you even serious right now? I didn't even know that you wanted to study the arts, but whatever, not the point."

"A man can dream, Silver. No reason to be flustered over it." He snickered, eyes gleaming at me as a smile crept to his face. I groaned under my breath, rubbing my temples as my eyes fell shut. Most unpleasing talk, ever.

"How did we even get onto this subject, anyways? Isn't this a bit... Raunchy? We're raunchy wardens now. We'll be in history as the worst wardens ever. Sitting on our asses talking about sex instead of defeating evil."

The camp had had a good laugh out of what I said before parting ways for bed. I stayed on the cot outside my ruined tent, staring up into the sky and watching the stars. Talking in a breath of cold air, I opened my sleepy eyes to see Riordan standing outside of his own tent, watching me shiver in the night air. He looked a little lost in his thoughts as he walked over to me once I had noticed him. "Why are you still up, Orlais?"

"I didn't want you out here alone, Fereldan." He smiled, taking a spot next to me, his pale blue eyes sparkling in the moonlight. "What are you doing up?"

I smiled back, transferring my gaze from the sky to him. "Just watching the stars, really. It's so beautiful out here at night."

"Your very beautiful, I agree."

I blushed, squinting at him as my smile widened. "You never exactly answered my question." Riordan sighed, looking away for a second to examine the sky. The light cascaded from his face almost like an angel, making me not able to even properly say thank you or ask how he was. He gazed back down to me, his breath nearly hitting my face, the usual dark circles under his eyes gone in the light that fell on us.

"I was going to ask you to join me in my tent." My heart stopped for a second before quickening it's pace, leaving me at a loss of words as I found my voice stuck somewhere in my throat. He chuckled softly, peeling his eyes from mine once more. "Not like that, Silver, but if it is meant it will happen in due time. I was asking since your tent is no longer, and it worries me to restlessness to have you out at night."

I grinned, leaning up a little. "It also worries you in the day time, too, obviously."

"Yes, it does. Now will you go? If you want me to sleep this is what must be done. I can sleep here if you like."

I bit my lip, watching him carefully. "No, Riordan. It's okay. Your company suits me just fine. Will you give me a hand?"

He laughed to me, lifting his bandaged arm as he stood to help me up. "Yes, but only one, Fereldan. Tis all I have now."

The End

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