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Duncan and Silver have been friends since teenagers. Silver has taken a liking to the other Warden of their group- Riordan. With new recruit Alistair, who is fond of Silver himself, things are likely to get a little odd and uncomfortable. In the world of Dragon Age but I've discarded of DA's timeline for this one. Riordan and Warden

My body was exhausted as I ran between the trees in the forest, stumbling over branches and fragments of rocks as I went along but always catching myself before I fell. Turning back to look at where I had seen the High Dragon seconds earlier, I saw nothing. "Thank the Maker.. Oh, thank you." I let my duel swords relax in my palms as I struggled for air, my comfort not lasting long as I heard the leaves crush behind me. I flipped around, gripping onto the swords and swinging them with precision towards the big ugly monster before me. Crunch. I felt a cracking blow hit my arm, sending me flying towards a tree. I wobbled back to my feet, staggering to my blades as the dragon rushed forward. Just as it was about to contact me with it's horns, I dodged the hit and skidded to the treeline, preparing myself for the final hit.

A scream erupted in my throat as I flew for the beast, lodging both blades into it's neck and twisting as it hit the ground. It's neck snapped under the pressure as I used the blades to heave myself to the forest floor, examining the creature before placing my swords on my back to start off in full sprint again.

I settled back against the tree when I reached our camp, panting quite loudly as sweat poured down my face. Pulling at my leather top and trying to un-stick the material from my body, I slipped my feet from the wet grass and looked up to see that Duncan's gaze was set on me in confusion. He was rested on a tree stump in front of me, knife in hand and pieces of wood scattered on the ground around his feet. "Are you done now?" His voice seemed dry and annoyed as he eyed my terrified features, setting down the long piece of wood he was carving to pay attention. I shook my head, licking my lips as I squinted, peering around the tree to see if there was anything there yet.

"I- I.. Think I killed it. I hope I did." I muttered, placing my hands on my knees as I tried to calm my breathing. He flew to his feet, walking up to me slowly, a brown lock of hair falling to his eye as he looked down at me.

"You think you did? What was it?" His arms were crossed over his chest and his foot was out, the knife no longer in his possession. I looked up, finally managing out a breath as my vision restored itself. His eyes were settled on my own as I spoke, making me feel a bit nervous.

"Dragons. I fought through half a dozen of them trying to reach camp. They were mostly hatch-lings but there was a high dragon that emerged from the cave down by the river when I had slaughtered the little ones. I'm pretty sure it's dead, I heard it's neck snap under my blades ." I peered around him, seeing the camp almost desolate other than Alistair who sat in front of the fire, staring off into the nothingness of the flames. "Where's Riordan?"

Duncan looked away with concern, peering through the forest. "He left soon after you. I thought you would've found each other by now. I had only sent you for firewood and since you'd been gone for a while he was getting worried with the rest of us."

My heart dropped in my chest and anger flooded my eyes as I stepped towards Duncan, pointing my finger to his chest. "How.. How dare you! You sent him after me? I told you I was fine, that there would be no need for anyone to come along! Must you treat me like a child, Duncan? We are of the same, we joined together! Yet you feel the need to treat me like so? How could you do such a thing!"

His gaze adverted to his feet, staring calmly as he cleared his throat, "I did not send him after you, friend. He demanded to go."

I raised my hand to my face, exhaling as I closed my eyes loosely. "Which way did he go?" I was so upset that the question sounded more of a statement, my chest was rattled and my voice shaken. Duncan walked over towards the row of tree trunks, picking up his blade and swinging it over his back with a sigh and no struggle.

"That way." He pointed his hand out, a little left from where I had just emerged from. "Let me gather our necessities and we will leave together."

I sat at the base of the tree to gather my strength as I watched the others prepare for our search. I felt like an ass for running off like I did when sent to do something, now someone could be dead. I wasn't ready for that. I had never wished for this, I had only wanted to gather some supplies to make potion, and maybe even some meat for a nice dinner. Maybe dragon scales would be better than bear. My stomach growled at me as I had thought of all I could make, deciding against my body I ignored the urge to grab a stale cookie from my pack, standing once the boys were ready.

I followed quickly behind Duncan into the forest, letting my feet carry me without thought as I continued to worry. The three of us were rather silent as we made our way through the lush greenery, other than the stupid comments Alistair shared with me to try and get me to cheer up. I was everything but cheery, and even though I was fond of him I was getting aggravated by his attempts to make me laugh. "No is not the time, Alistair." My voice was low and grumpy sounding, Alistair ran up me after I spoke- a silly smile on his face as he started off taking again.

"Oh, Silver. I'm sure Riordan is just fine. Let's talk about dinner." I paused and looked at him, a slightly annoyed look on my face as I wobbled over a rock to Duncan.

"Why must you call me silver?"

Duncan turned his head to us for a second, a faint smile on his lips as he stopped at the river. "Your eyes. This boy swoons over you way too much. Surprised he can even focus half the time. Worse than Riordan, that's for sure. Didn't think that was even possible.."

Alistair smiled wider to hide his shyness, a rosy red blush coming to his cheeks anyways. "Uh, Duncan.. May we talk in private when we arrive back at camp?"

A chuckle made out of Duncan's throat as he brushed the mud off his boots onto the rock before continuing left, walking close to the river. I stuck close behind him as the sun started to set, sometimes grabbing onto him when I slipped. I swear that man was made of steel, no matter how off guard he looked, he always caught me with ease, and never once lost his balance from holding me up. I thought to myself what to say to Riordan when we would find him. Maybe 'Why would you run after me like I'm a child?' or 'I guess it's the thought that counts'. Then again, 'Your such an idiot but your a sweetheart' also sounded like a good start. I felt my body come in contact with something hard and cold, I looked up to see I had ran directly into Duncan and Alistair had ran into me.

I pushed myself out of the mess, my face flushing with heat as I looked down at the ground, stumbling over a tiny rock and almost falling. Duncan grabbed onto my arm, setting me on my feet once again with a measured sigh. "I must say, for someone who has such grace with a sword, your a bloody klutz out of battle."

"I've heard that a lot.."

The situation got more uncomfortable as they both stared at me for a minute or so with an odd look on their faces. I wanted to run away and hide but instead just stood there, frozen and aggravated with myself. I heard a scream erupt from between the tree line and the river down the path from us, my blood running cold at the sound. "Riordan." My voice cracked as I muttered to myself, flying down the narrow path to where the sound was coming from. Footsteps followed me quickly as we had arrived at the large wing of a dragon. I looked up from the floor, my heart nearly stopping completely to see no one other than the bloodied dragon.

I stepped closer, looking over it carefully. What appeared to be the tip of a sword was poking out it's head. "Riordan?" No reply again. "Riordan!" My voice practically shook the trees around me and echoed throughout the woodlands. I heard a groan, a soft rustle of rocks hitting rocks and turned back towards the dragon, seeing it's head move slightly.

"Silver!" His voice sounded from underneath the beast. I ran to it with Duncan, pulling the dragon off of him with struggle. I fell to my knees next to him as I saw the blood that covered him, tears trying to force their way from my eyes. Riordan took in a heavy breath, sliding himself out from underneath of the dragon with a wince- he was cradling his arm. I pulled it from his grasp, looking down at it closely. "Silver, I didn't think you would come. This thing came out of no where and started attacking me. Are you alright?"

I struggled to talk, taking in a breath as I looked to his eyes. "Your the one on the floor bleeding, Riordan. I'm fine." I let his arm gently drop to my lap as I ripped a piece of fabric from both of my sleeves, holding one up to Duncan. "Go dip this in the river."

I ran my thumb across his arm, making him shudder as I had touched something that was obviously broken. Looking down, I saw a bone sticking out from under the blood. "I don't have much supplies. I can stop the bleeding so we can get back to camp but you'll have to wait to be healed properly until then."

He nodded, gripping onto me to sit up, a small smile slipping onto his lips. "I'm glad your okay."

The End

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