Silver Tinted Cloud of Nimbus

Stunned by the roaring thunder and struck by the volts of lightning!!!


The Silver Tinted Cloud of Nimbus


Oh! Nimbus so low, the skies have forsaken you!

 How does one withstand thee?

Your curse is such a burden

I want to set you free!


A realm of mercy Is just an imagination

Lightning sliced through gently thunder whispers a confession

 Bashful crying brings forth destruction

Only these eyes could ever see hand of God, and an entitled obsession


Caught between the devil and the vast deep blue sea

Come unto me! let me shelter thee!

My heart awaits your paradise, a heavenly prison just like she

Endless forever truly at my demise!


When the sun rise from this whining

Majestic mountains lost thy kisses horizon

Took midnight's beating Poseidon

Questioned my meaningless


 I can't get away, because in memories I drown

look into life, and a new meaning has been found

I'm amped out of my mind

ready to leave my old self and old ways all behind


I never stop to think about the pain that I bring

to the ones that I love like my friends and family

 or maybe its me, soaking up the misery

and I find it hard to breathe when I'm drinking heavily


When my time comes, descend without hesitation

After all you were not my only possession

Drop me down with all your pain

Just like a drizzling falling rain


And as the rain pours down

Turning heavy, I'm taking away by the sound

that in fact makes me relax

and brings me back to the ground.


The End

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