West Alley Chaos

Lurking, he'd said they had been lurking, that didn’t even begin to describe West Alley. It was a military base down here. How on earth had Than gotten pass here the first time I don’t know.

Intervals no longer than five seconds passed between each blue, mud clad officer, all equipped with the latest rifle and a pouch of gunpowder.  Fire when ready I thought darkly.

“What the hell happened in parliament?”

“Tadis knows, I think. He was supposed to have been around when old man Chambers came out cursing the Governor. At least that’s what I heard from the newspaper boy out by Parley. He’s of the good reliable sort, top notch informant always reliable.”

“He’d better be, because if Progs catches us down there or worst Vhan we’re as good as jailed. No more sneaking round the backstreets for us. Speaking of which how the hell did you get to Annon through all of this?”

“It didn’t look like this when I was passing through, when I was passing I only saw Progs and Vhan duking it out, quite the scene actually, the lackeys snickering in the background and all.”

“Charming I'm sure, but how the hell are we going to get through now?”

“I don’t know, but we've got to go forward, they just set guards by the East gates there’s no turning back.”

Slowly I crawled over to the edge, from our vantage point the roof of a decrepit abandoned factory we had full view of most if not all of downtown. He was right, four of Progs best men stood back to back in the exact spot we’d been before.  I could feel the frown on my face, desperate situations like these were the kind I didn’t like to find my self in they usually didn’t end well.

“Of all the rotten luck, you know somewhere there’s god having way too much fun messing with my life and one of these days I’m going to pay him back in full.”

“Give him a punch for me while you’re at it, cause you’re not going to like this one, there guards out by West Alley too, I don’t see Tadis or Fort anywhere.”

“Maybe they ditched us, wouldn't put it pass them, either way eventually we got to go down there.”

“Well what better time than the present?”


Than’s fist came out of nowhere.


“Quiet you’ll draw attention to us. Come on lets go it looks like Vhan is calling a meeting.”

Than was related to monkeys I was convinced of it, I never knew anyone who could climb like him. I watched him drop deliberately down the side of the building, gesturing me to follow, which reluctantly I did, however my climb ended in defeat which took the form of a vine ensnaring my leg. Hanging upside down was both humiliating and dangerous, that is to say my cries attracted the attention of the near by guards. 

"Cutting me down!" It was a harsh forced sound somewhere between angry and scared.

 Still tied up he half dragged, half pulled me into the darkness. The bricks where cold, and unforgiving, bruising my face with their rough texture.  My lungs refused air, paralyzed in fear with the darkness crushing us its weight shifting ever so slightly to accommodate its unwelcome guest.  Our position was desperate the slightest movement or sound would give us away and send us on a one way trip to the brig.  The sounds of footsteps ceased adjacent to us, my heart stopped in my mouth, and I felt Than press into the wall next to me, this couldn’t be the end.

“It came from over here.”

“If it’s not him don’t bother with it, we have to protect the civilians Silver’s on the loose.”

“It’s that dangerous? Leave it to the Governor to keep this thing under wraps until it becomes a bloody threat to national security.”

“The government will forever keep its secrets; our job is to make sure they don’t dig their own graves lest we dig our own.”

“What happened to justice?”

“London underground is a cruel, vicious place it functions on the dirty principle of the dog that serving its master.”

"And if we don't?"

"Don't find out."

He was right, one didn't go looking for trouble in London underground, the lucky ones ended up like us doing dirty work for the government, sneaking around while running from the dogs they set upon you themselves and reporting with smirking faces at the end of the day as you collected stained coins and if you weren't lucky...well I heard it doesn't last long.

Crash! The lid of the near by garbage can hit the ground, out of it crawled Ivory, a feline menace that Than had picked up of the streets, it came and went ever so often that we really weren't sure if it liked us or not. I had my answer now, it hated us. Ivory stretched, her midnight fur bristled in the night air, and fixed her alien green eyes upon us, the proceeded to call out to us in feline code. Then as if offended, she slowly made a beeline for us and with her came the eyes of the officers. 

The End

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