Silver Rain

What would you do, if you were given the chance to erase the present for a life in the past? Could you hold on to your life for those around you, or give in to the desires your new body throws at your mind?
One necklace. One curse. One legend. Reality.

    Notes of silence echoed through the still air, the vibrations of a thousand haunting thoughts, memories that would remain forever like the most beautiful lullaby; seeping with sadness, a lament to the happy times.

    The tears of silver rain shone like the brightest of suns on a moonlit sky, ever the reminder of unbroken laws and kept promises, the heavy chains that bore us the burden of youth.

    The silver emblem of your love rebounded on the cold floor, the note harsh and cold, the neclace bringing with it the draconian force of reality.

The End

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