Feels like the First Shot (Part 2)Mature

From what he could tell, Tower was in an old abandoned building in the outskirts of Neo York. A lot of his older jobs had taken him throughout the area, so he was confident he could find his way out. Of course, the real fucking problem was this body. A little girl running around this area was bound to attract attention he couldn't afford. Not to mention, he didn't have any of his gear. Dammit, could this day get worse!?

He found the exit quickly enough, but paused before opening the shoddy door. Damn, he wasn't used to this body's stamina. That Falcon girl was out of shape if he was already breathing hard. He would have to work out or get Silver to implant some enhancements. 

Once he got his breath, Tower cracked the door and checked the street outside. For the most part, it was empty, but a few of the homeless wandered around. From the looks of them, they wouldn't try anything funny with him. It would be worse than death if he was degraded in such a way. At least he still had his martial skills. His hand still hurt, but he would break this body's arms if it let him reach Silver. That bastard was his only hope now. 

It was safe as it would get at this time of night, so Tower bolted out of the door and into an alleyway across the street. It was a risk to run into, but the alleyway was far safer than the streets. Luckily, this alleyway was empty - with the exception of garbage and a few cats. Tower ignored the hissing beasts and continued to run, though slowing to a jog. He needed to conserve energy. 

It reminded him of his younger days. Back when Neo York was still New York and before the Reformation took place. He had no Alterations and was a regular human, so his jobs were always a gamble with his life. He had worked for a few different mobs as a hitman, doing what he did best for the basic necessities. One particular job had netted him a meeting with Silver. It was then he had learned there were much more dangerous people in this world. 

Tower sighed as he turned a corner. He really owed Silver a lot. Maybe he could treat him to a drink once this whole body mess was over? It would be a start, at least. Tower never was one for pleasantries, even with his so-called friends and coworkers, but he could make an exception for Silver if he fixed this one. 

Another turn revealed a group of younger men leaning against a wall. Tower tried to back into the alleyway he had left before they noticed him, but they were men. And he had the body of a scantily dressed teenage girl. Damn that woman! He was no better off than being naked! 

"Hey there, girl," the first guy - a punk with a buzzed head and snake tattoo on his face - said, "Why don't you play with us for a while?"

"Why don't you shut the fuck up before I beat that mouth off of you ugly face?" Tower replied harshly. His voice was that of Falcon's, unsurprisingly, but he could still manage to sound vicious. Good enough. 

The second and third punks - one hooded with a goatee and the other having short hair and uglier than sin -  moved beside what Tower assumed to be their leader and crossed their arms. Had they practiced that? "And here we were trying to be nice," the hooded one said. 

"Come on, boys," the leader sneered, "I think we need to show our new friend here how affection works."

Before they could try anything, Tower ran toward them. He wanted to charge straight in, but was painfully aware of the limitations of that damn woman's body. So, he kicked off the side of the building and turned into another kick to the leader's face. He went down hard, hitting his head on the concrete before stopping. 

Tower wanted to keep attacking, but pain shot through his leg. Dammit all, how weak was he now?

The other punks seemed surprised at their leader being knocked out by a woman, at first, but recovered quickly. 

"You bitch!" Ugly screamed before rushing toward Tower, Hood following behind. 

Not good. Tower tried to punch Ugly in the throat, but he moved to the side and punched him in the gut. More pain. Tower's vision blurred for a moment and then he collapsed. Pain continued to come in waves from his sides and arms. It took him a little bit to realized they were kicking him. Dammit all...

He managed to look toward the leader's unconscious form. Something metallic caught his eye. Could it really be? Did he even have that kind of luck? Fuck, it better be. If it wasn't... 

Tower pushed himself forward and reached for the object, taking a kick in his side as he did so. Goddammit, it hurt, but it had been worth it. Oh, it had. In his hand he now held a 2134 .45 Harshaw, one of the original Harshaw guns made. 

He didn't need to think after that.Time slowed and everything became clear. He knew what he had to do. Tower let the pain fade to the back of his mind and twisted, gun in hand. The rails in the Harshaw sounded off twice and the two punks fell with bullets in their heads. Blood sprayed on Tower a moment later. Time resumed.

And the pain returned. 

Dammit but it hurt!

The End

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