Chapter 1 - Feels like the First Shot (Part 1)Mature

Tower was sleeping.

He knew this to be true. He always knew when he was unconscious. It was odd, but soothing for him. Since he was an Altered Human with bio-enhancements, he had lived much longer than any Regular and with that came vivid dreams of nothingness.

Well, not really nothingness.

Tower imagined himself. He was tall, 6 feet and five inches to be exact, with combed back brown hair and a clean shaven face. The picture of professionalism and the ideal man for any woman he wanted to obtain. Aside from his mechanical arm and eye, he had most of his original skin and muscle still - a rare thing for Altered Humans above 150 years of age.

He was magnificent. Tower saw his own image in front of him and was pleased.

Then the image started to shimmer. That wasn't unusual, but when he saw a young girl replace his own perfect form, he started to worry.

The figure was short, probably around 5 and a half feet, and looked to be in shape. Her hair was brown and came down to her shoulders. Her face was pretty enough, too, but why was Tower dreaming of this girl? He liked his women older and blonde. He had found the women in their thirties were better in the bed than any teenager. Usually twice as pretty, too. Why was....

It was Falcon!

Tower sighed, not just a little from relief. He must have lingered on that foolish girl and accidentally dreamed her up. It would make sense since...

Falcon looked at him and smiled. "I am Tower."


Tower woke up in shock, nearly falling of the cot that held him. Jesus! What kind of a dream was that? Never had something in his subconscious talked to him. Damnable woman must have just bothered him. Why could she learn her place and go marry some guy and make his kitchen her home? Bah...

Cot? Why was Tower in a...

Probably for the first time, Tower felt like he had been shot. Not due to some physical injury or anything - no, he hadn't been hurt in quite some time and didn't care if he did - but shock.

His body - his glorious body! - was gone.

Instead, he saw breasts attached to his chest.

"Son of a..." Tower jumped up of the cot he had been laying on and looked around the room. It was plain but... there! Mirror! He rushed over and...

Saw Falcon staring back at him.

"What...." Tower breathed in harshly. No. NO! He was not seeing this! The previous night he had passed out in a bar with HIS own body! His own clothes! His own weapons! What had happened!

Pain speared through Towers arm and he realized he had punched the mirror that showed his new and very nude body off. Of course, had he been in his original body, the mirror would have shattered beyond repair, but now it was only cracked. Dammit!

"No, I can't focus on this shit right no," Tower told himself, "I got to find Silver and... Goddammit!" Calm down, Tower... Just focus on getting out of here and finding Silver. That's all you have to do. Just that...

Luckily enough, there was a change of clothes laying on a small table. Tower almost groaned when he saw it was a pair of shorts and a sports bra. That Falcon must have done this. She wanted him to suffer, huh? Well, he would suffer. But he would survive, take his body back, and kill her too.

Using the weak little body, he ripped some of the cots sheets up and made a makeshift bandage for his hand. If he had his body... Dammit! It was still infuriating even for Tower, who never was angry! Not much, anyway... Focus, focus.

When he was ready, Tower left the room and began to explore his location.

The End

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