Dueling PistolsMature

What happens when a sexist freelance gunslinger is forced to become what he despises? A comedic tale? A serious challenge? A life-changing experience? Honestly, I have no clue. I'm just writing.

The whirling began.

"Please! I'll pay back the money! I swear!"

Tower clicked his tongue idly, enjoying the feeling of this trembling old man on the ground before him. His Magnum Tekron - a high-voltage pistol utilizing railgun tech - whirled viciously against Tower and his target.

"My employer said fifty years is enough. He's done waiting, so he asked me to take out the trash." Tower smiled widely, showing his sharpened teeth. "You know who I am, correct?"

The old man swallowed hard and nodded. "Y-you're Tower, that invincible mercenary..." Realization hit the target's face. "Oh God... I'm really going to die."

Before Tower could release the built up energy in his magnum, sending the old man to his grave, a shot rang out. The targets brain and skull decorated the building beside Tower not even a moment later. Such a pity.

"This is why I hate women," Tower said, releasing the secondary switch in his magnum and putting it away. It would have to be cleaned. "Always too hasty and utterly useless."

A woman - well, a girl in her late teens really - stepped out from the shadows that had previously hid her. "You were taking your stupid time, Tower," Falcon said with scorn, "so I finished the job. Don't even know why you were hired at all."

Tower shook his head. Stupid woman. "I don't know why YOU were hired at all. Too stupid to even read the fine print?"

"What are you talking about!?"

A gunshot echoed down the alleyway and Tower felt his arm twitch slightly. Well, at least the E-Shield worked. Otherwise that might have hurt. Falcon dived into the shadows and activated her basic camo. Useless woman. Did he have to do all the work?

Pulling the Magnum Tekron out and a classic P-08 Hilber Revolver, Tower turned on his attackers. His mechanical eye zoned in on three targets, all hiding around the corner. They each had standard Walters and no defensive tech on them. Too easy.

As the whirling began in his Magnum, Tower unleashed his six shots from the revolver into the corner with one of the men. Each bullet hit the same spot, driving the first through the brick and into the man hiding behind it. One down. Tower then pulled his Magnum's main trigger, shooting his arm back as the other corner burst into a mess of men and rubble.

Falcon appeared a moment later, looking amazed. "How do you use that thing?"

Tower grunted and ignored her. Instead, he checked his mechanical arm for signs of wear. Using the Tekron put a strain on the arm, even though it was not enough to usually do anything. But still... Tower was the best for a reason.

"See? Women are useless. I didn't even need you, girl."

Hatred passed over the woman's face. "My name is Falcon, you bastard!"

"Then go become a stripper or a prostitute," Tower said, scanning their surroundings. "Even I would admit you were being useful then."

"Gah! I should kill you!" Falcon pulled out her own pistol and aimed it at Tower.

"Go ahead. It's not like I even care." Tower smiled viciously because he knew what everyone thought about him. Monster mercenary with nothing to fear. Not even death. Because every time he had died, he had come back stronger. He didn't even hold grudges. He was the best.

Falcon cursed and gave in, putting her gun away. "I will make you pay one day."

"For what?"

Falcon started to walk away. "For underestimating a woman."

The End

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