Silver Moonlight Mask

They were all in formal attire; silky, slinky gowns and crisp black tails.  If it weren't for the twinkle lights and DJ station rather than candles and a live string quartet, it could have very well passed for a turn of the century masquerade ball.  The host, Parker, had truly outdone himself.

Celeste stood next to the French doors to the overly cliché balcony, staring out at the stars and paying no attention at all to the teenagers dancing to the music that didn't quite fit the theme of the party.  Her dark brown hair curled to the middle of her back, perfect except for the dent the elastic that held her mask on was making. 

Unlike most of the other girls' gowns, Celeste's dress was long and skinny, not a poufy princess dress.  It was midnight blue silk, strapless, and had swirls of silver thread running all through its length.  The silver mask she wore to match her dresswas adorned with faux-saphire gems and deep blue and bright white feathers.  It covered the tops of her rosy cheeks, and hid her pale green eyes in its shadow. 

She turned in surprise when he tapped her shoulder;  she hadn't expected anyone to interrupt her wandering thoughts.  Celeste had to stifle a second gasp when she actually saw him.  Tall, lean, and muscular, russet-skinned.  A silver mask in the shape of a quarter moon covered the right side of his face, the other side showing full lips pulled into a sweet smile, and a forest green eye staring down at her.  Soft ebony waves covered the top of his head. 

"May I have this dance?"  He asked, politely holding his hand out to Celeste. 

She felt her heart skip a beat, though he was a complete stranger.  He was vaguely familiar for some reason, though... She fought to instill some confidence in herself.  "You may."

The song closest to being appropriate for the masquerade theme began to play over the large speakers.  Acoustic guitar, flowing piano, and a soft female voice melded together and poured out into the room, and the mysterious boy led Celeste to the center of the room.  She hesitantly wrapped her arms around his neck when he wrapped his around her waist. 

"Who are you?"  She asked after a moment, the curiosity finally getting to her. 

"This is a masquerade ball, ravissant.  You aren't supposed to know who anyone is."  He replied smoothly, smiling even wider.

Celeste glared at him.  "May I at least have a few clues?!  Please?!"

He deliberated a little.  "I suppose."


"You get three.  First, I'm a friend of Parker's."

"Yeah, that really helps!!"  She interrupted.  "EVERYONE is Parker's friend!!"

"I live on the same street as you..."  He continued as if she hadn't interrupted. 

"Almost everyone I know lives on my street!"  She interrupted again. 

 "And third, here's my number.  You'll have to call it to find out." 

The song ended and another began.

"That's real smooth!"  Celeste said, flustered.  She was flattered that this extremely handsome boy was hitting on her, but she just wanted to know who the hell he was!

He slipped a scrap of paper into her hand.  "Thanks.  I hope you'll still like me when you figure it out."

With that, he disappeared into the crowd of bopping and twirling teenagers.  And Celeste was left thinking what the hell?!

The End

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