Chapter 3- Childish

First period,English with Mr May one of my favortie lesson.

I strode in the room knowing that there were at least five pairs of eye stabing me in the head. So I keep my eye glued to the marble floor hoping that when I sat down their eyes would explode, I know harsh but true. As I got to my table - which I was so thankful that I sat on an on a empty table I guess their are purkes of being the new girl after all -I placed my bag on the seat next to me knowing that no one would be sitting there, then I leaned over the table and rested my head in my currled up arms and waited for class to start. When I heard the door open at the other side of the class I lifted my head expting Mr May to be placing his bag on his desk with a cup of coffee in his hand, I was more of a tea person myself, me being british and all. So as I had my little rant about British people always being labled with having cup of tea every hour and having wierd accsent which so was not the case.I noticed Mr May had just passed a text books to the person standing next to him. 

  Why did I not think about this happening it was probaly the most likely outcome. Darien was in my class.

  I watched as Mr May pointed to the seat next to me. Its wierd how thing have away of back firing on me and they ofen did.

I kept my eye locked on my textbook in front as I heard his foot step get closer to me but yet still sounding gracefull even when I wasn't looking at him.Then he paused.

  He bent down so he was inch from my ear.

    "stella could you move your bag" he whisperd.

    "umh"I gaped.

 I quickly dragged my bag under the table and dropped in on my foot. I looked quickly to my right hoping to avoid his stare.He drop his book next to me on the table and his bag drop at the other side. Then purched himself on the seat beside me

   I heard him shuffle his chair closer to me.

    "and here I throught you were lying about seeing me later"

he said teasing me but I'm sure I got a hint of sarcasticem some where in there.

    "why would I do that" I heard the heavy sarcasticem echoed in my voice.

   he leaned forward seeking my gazes.

     "do you really hate me that much stella" thier was no trace of humor, just guilt and hurt marryed in that one sentece.

 This was getting to hard I had to stopping him from thinking That why. I don't even know how that was even possable for me to hate him.

    I glaced to my side to see that his face was frozen in so many emotion all of which were unreadable. I had a bad arguer to reach out and touch his pale white skin and tell him why I was doing this. But he wouldn't want to know any way becuase my life was just another synfathy story and the last thing I wanted was him pitying me.

   "I don't hate you but people like you are all the same" I tried to fource the last bit back down my throt knowing that I didn't mean any of it.

  "what do you mean by people like me"he sounded offended

  "you wouldn't get it"I put my hand to my head

  "oh belive me I would get it"

 I cocked my head up staring stright at him, How would he know anything about my life. It seemed the more he said the more cauriuos I seemed to get, which was not good at all.

  "how would you know anything about it"

  "umm"he pused hastley, maybe he'd said to much "well all I'm saying is i'm sure I'd get it"

  "no that not what you meet at all"I said shaking my head in disprovale

  "yes it is,and any way it not got anything to do with if I understand or not, why did you leave me this morning that was  really rude you know"he changed the topic.

 I couldn't belive this he had the neave to say I was the rude one when he was the one who attacked me this morning and hugged me yesterday. 

   "how can you say that" at this point I was gripping on to the table with all my strength trying not to hit him with my bag.           "when your the one whos being rude I only just meet you yesterday but yet you think you know me more than I know myself" I could feel my tempaure getting out of hand.

  "well it not my folt that you only just meet me" It looked like I strock a neave.

 But it got me pondring. Why did he say it like that shouldn't he have said somthing along the lines of "well it not my folt we only just meet" but in stead he said it like he already meet me.

   "wait why did you say it like that" I enquierd

 I saw confusen light up his angel face.

      "it doesn't even matter" he let the topic drop and turned to look out the steamed up window. he was trying to avoid my question.

   I don't know why this pissed me off so much. It not that I was mad at him it more about how with him I just let my emotion flow out of me. I was letting my guard down. For the past eight or so year I never let my guard down and I never showed my true feeling knowing that it would be easier to see my weakness. But why with this odd, strange person did that all become erravent.

      "huh I guess all I ever do is make you mad" he put his hand over his face and laughed with no humor to be found.

  Then he layed his head on the table.

      "I'm sorry I guess I was just trying to get to know you and I lost my temper" he mummbaled throught his arms.

  I couldn't stop myself it was much more painful seeing him hurt then my own pain. So I slowly put my hand over his. His head turned toward me in surprise.

      "I'm not made at you I'm angred by my own weakness I guess I just tuck it out on don't feel bad it ok I'm not mad at you" I gave him an engraging smile "I really wish I could tell you".

  Then the bell went. I looked to the front of the class and saw Mr May drinking the last bit of his coffee and packing up to leave. How did that happen it went so fast I don't even know what the lesson was about. I looked to the door and saw Emily and another girl her hair in pigtails and coco brown eyes that looked strangly like Emilys,I think her name was Natalie Williams waiting for me .More obviouly eager to get the dirt on who Mr hottie-from-above was. I guess it was best to leave know before it was to late. I moved the chair and slong my bag over my left sholder and moved my hair so it wouldn't get in the way. 

  Just when I was about to move I felt a pull on the back of my cardie. I looked over my shoulder to find Darien looking at me with longing in his eyes.

  As soon as he realized he let me go and grab his bag and made a breck for the door. I looked back to were Emily and Natalie were, luckly they didn't see what just happend so I guess I'm safe from thier entragrations.

  After that I only saw Darien in my class and the odd class I had with Leon and Liona. We didn't talk actually they didn't even look at me it was like we really were strange,the way I wanted it to be. But just becuase I wanted it that why dosen't me I like it that way. It seemed my day went from great to worse and I had no one to blame but my idotic self. Know wonder thier was nothing good in my life it was becuase I never let the good things get past the wall I built around myself and the world. How pathetic could you get.

     "So who are the new hotties in town Stella" 

  we were cramded onto the table at the far right of the cafatria.

     "Why would I know"I said innocently Whilist chewing on a chicken salad.

     "stella stop with the games we all know you talked to them, you were seen in the parking lot, so give up the charode" Natalie leaded forward toward me

     "They just wanted to know where the resepsion room was" yeh that seemed like a good enought lie.

 But they seemed to not buy it.

     "So why did they all seem real friendly I mean one basicly cuddled you"

     "becuase they are real friendly"

     " oh come on stella"

     "it the truth.......I only just meet them"

   She sighed and let it go.

     "well you most at least know their names"

 I guess it ok to tell them thier name it couldn't hurt right. I tuck another bite on a pieces of lettuce and disscaded it would be ok.

     "The blound onces Heidi Tilis and her sis is the small black hair girl who Amir Tilis." to my surprise I liked talking about them to other people."The talled dude is Blake and the shorter dude is Tristen Somar."

     " What about the other three"Emily hurried

     "Well the two twin are Leon and Liona Diden and...."

     "and..." I knew what they were waiting for and I don't blame them for wanting to know.

     " and then thier Darien Somar"

  all the girls started gigling, even thought I may be a girl I'm happy I don't do that everytime a cute boy is mentured.

     "hey Stella" I turned to look at Natalie "are you realted to them".

 That through me off. related why would I be realted to them.

     "I don't get what you mean"I said at once.

     " yeh your right Nat I see what you mean" two of the girl grinned

     ".........."I sat thier dumbstruck.

     " have you even looked in a mirror stella"

     "if you had you would know what were talking about"

     "ah"I had no idea what they were getting at

 All the girls just looked at me like I was missing the obivous. I iched my head and shrugged.

     "you really don't know" Natalie belowed

     "know what"

  Emily touched my shoulder lightly

    "stella ,your a stunner" I dropped the folk on to the tray.

    "what"I muttered

    " to be honest your probaly more so because it like you radiating or something."she agreed

 But by this point I was far gone. Stunner what that about it just like earlyer in the car park when when Amir said the samething. I don't look any diffrent from a weak ago or even a year so why did I suddly become a stunner or even as beautiful as those angels. But know I look back on it I all ways remember people commenting on my looks at my old homes. I never quite remembed what they said. But I guess what thier seeing is not what I'm seeing because I would say I was avarage looking and my radation was probaly the same as a dime candle.

   After that the day carried on like it did early. Darien didn't utter a word to me and neither did the other. So I felt really uncomftable becuase they were in all my lesson and if that wasn't bad enought they were normaly sat next to me. So I had to be extra careful in not to bump in to them. But what was strange was everytime the bell went it seemed to me they waited until I went before they started to move out their chairs.

    I had just diseded the step which lead to the car park and I bent down to tie my shoe lace. So I put my foot on one of the step behide me. When I saw a shadow loming over me. I lifted my head to find a middem sized boy standing next to me.

     "uh hi" I felt I had to say it.

     "yeh hi..... your stella right" his voice sound rought and jaggied.

     "yeh Stella Knight, you" I lifted my head so I was facing him.

     " Keegan Holow" he flashed a boyish smile that lit up his Hazel brown eyes. 

    " wow umh that diffrent " 

    "yeh I get that alot any why I just thought I would Introudces my self" he put his hand on his head. It looked like he felt uncomftable like me." well you see I was kind of deared to come over hear you see."he turned to look at the far east of the car park. Thier perched on the wall four lad stood.

  So I waved over to them timidly knowing they were watching. They waved back.

   "huh so you wear dared"I was hurt but I tried to sound cheerful.

   "well your big news around here you and does other seven guys"

   "oh thoses guys"I guess they would be big news around here or any where

   "Oh I thought you were with thoses guy" confusion writen on his face.

   " It seem like a lot of people think that I really don't have a clue thought"

   Then he patted me on the head

   "me niether" he said sarcaticly

  I gave him a scepticale look

   "well I gotta go so see you later keegan" I step forward and waved to him and he waved back.

   "Cya" he shooted to me

 As I walked along the car park I could feel my spidie sences tiggling. I could feel somebody watching me, and I unconsioly looked to were I saw the sport cars this morning.

  Thier he was looking stright at me with anger across his face. He stood with no plans on looking away. I didn't get him at all why was he anger at me I hadn't even talk to him since this morning. Or was he still made about this morning.

  Then I saw Amir pull on his coat sleave for him to move becuase she could see I was having trouble looking away. Then Darien quickly closed his eye and retreated to his car. Amir gave we one last smile and got in the blue Porsche 911 Targa with Heidi. Normaly I'm very bad with cars but I knew this one becuase my sixith family had one in silver. As I watched them rever off in the cars I suddly felt a need to run as fast a I can in their direction. But instead I made a quick dash for home.

  Why was I like this,way couldn't I just be strigter with my feeling it wasn't hard all I had to do was except that I wanted to be with them,with him. But I fear I will alway be running in the opeazite direction. Why couldn't thing just be black and white, I know why it becuase nothing black and white thier diffrent shade of grey.


     I had just got out the bathroom and I was heading back to my room to dry my hair when Simon came up to me. Iris was out today with some of the other in the nighbourhood like every Thursday they went to Mrs Hogreens house for their weekly book club or so Iris told me.

   So it was very odd for Simon to strick a converstion with me unless Iris was her. Which I was fine with I never was good at talking to old guy so it works out for the best. Well up until today that is.

     "stella"he said in his rought cracked voice"May I talk to you"

     "sure what up"I tried to sound upbeat

     "well maybe we should go to the living room for this"

   So we both head to the living room both very nerves and just wanting to get it over with.

   As I sat on the chair oparzite Simon he began to talk.

      "I just thought as a part of this family you had a right to know."he paused to make sure I was listening" Well I'm sure you all ready caught on that we had a daughter before we adopted you." 

    Oh so this is what he wanted to talk about. I did feel bad about what happend but I can't say I didn't want to know the story about little Abbie. But I can't just ask sweet old Iris what happend but I guess simon knew I was curiose about it.

      "Well you see it was around ten years ago and she was around three years old and we just came back from our holidays in England. It was about one and a half weeks since we came back and we were in the back garden. I was reparing the roof and Iris had fallen a sleep on the deck chair."he coughted to hid the chrackes in his voice.

        "know normaly Abbie was inside playing with her toys but somehow she sneeked out of the house and into the back garden."he paused I could tell he was stuggling so I thought I should try and comfort him so I kneeled down next to him and tuck his hand.

       "It ok you don't have to carry on" I said a he looked at me with watery eye's.

       "No your part of the family you should know" He half smiled and then contiued with the story.

      "Nobody knows how it happend, because when.....when we realsied she had gone we called the police and whet looking everywhere. when we couldn't find her we..... we went looking for clues, we got all the negthbours looking. The police even brought out the dogs. Then we noticed that the back gate that lead to the forest was open. But Abbie was to small to have open the gate. So we had to start thinking she been we looked all over the forest searching for any clues their could be. After a while the police said that we should go back to the house. I protested but I could see Iris wouldn't go back without me and you know how friale she is so we both went back.It was about three in the morning when the police came knocking at the door." I could see that he would brack down in tears any moment so I squized on his hand so he knew I was here for him.

      "They found the body Three miles north-west from here in the forest. They said that we had to go to the station and identify the body. Of cause I wasn't going to let Iris see the body so I let her stay with one of the neghtbours whilst I went down to the station.........It was the most grossmist thing I ever saw.....she to shreds....lying cold...and........frozen........"I knew he could carry on with all the tears dropping on his leg from his face. I pulled in closer and started to rub his back. words wouldn't help right know all I could do was stay with him whilst he cried. I was only when he stopped crying that he waiped the tears that were spilling from my eyes. He gave me a hug and said thank you for listing and reactreaded into the garden to have a breather. So I tuck my leave and went up staries avoiding eye contacted with the picture that hung on the wall.

   Even though it was a very sad story I think it brought me and Simon a lot closer because know I knew that he did want me in his family and I was happy to be in it even If they would sooner or later let me go. I can honstly say this is one of the nice family I've been adopted in to and I'll be sad when I leave,for more then just one reason.


        The next day dark cloud hung over Darrigton and the heaven had opened. So I borrowed Iris umbrella from the coat hanger and left a note saying I tuck it.

   I hardly ever put a waterproof on when it rained because they all  looked horrirable on me. But also both my jackets and cardie were in the wash. Even though I had only lived here three or four days. I guess Iris got a hold of them whilst I was at school I better start hidding them. 

   So know I hand gousebumps working their why up my arm. But even though I was freezing I always love to closer my eye and listen to the rain and the sploshie noise of my feet walking along the wet pathment. 

  I love being alone in the rain it was always so suving and everything feels so a live and open. when I was in England I would make up a song in my head as I walked a long. which happend alot. But I had so much going on and so much had happend and I had bearly any explation. But the biggist thing on my mind was how did Darien feel about me. But I knew that was best to be saved till last because I knew I probaly wouldn't find the answer for that. So I thought I would try and solove the mistery of "Abbie Rivers".

   So as I work my way throught solving the murder. I soon relived a figure holding umbrella at the end of the street. As I squited throught the rain I made out who it was.


 I slowly jogged over to her wondering if she was waiting for me. As I got closer I saw her smile widen, I could't help smile back.

    "Amir, why are you her" I said brushing my fringe to the side

    "I wanted to walk with you today"she said like she did it everyday.

    "oh so you stayed here in the rain to wait for me, do the other know your here".

    "of cause they don't if they did I wouldn't be able to talk to you alone like this. You know how my family is" she grab my hand and started walk at a slow pase.

    "so what do you want to talk about that you don't want them to know"

    "its about you and Darien" wow she got stright to the point.

    "What thier to know"I murmmed

    "Stella answer me this why are you trying to keep a distance between you and Darien." she had stop walking know but still gripping on to my hand.

    "Well....umh....thier is a reason....." I had started walking at this point.

    "Stella just say it, you don't want to get hurt again right" I sporn to face her. How did she know I hadn't told any one about me being an ophan or getting adopted by Iris and Simon. So how did she know. I was just about to ask when I heard someone shouting from behand me.


I tuned my head along with Amir's. Still with the shocked look on my face. But what I saw on the other's face were pure horror.

Darien,Leon,Liona,Heidi,Blake and Tristen stood at the entrance of the school all looking stright at me.

   "Amir" Darien hissed, his eye not leaving mine.

 Amir grip tietend on my frosty hand and she started to drag me along with her. She pulled me passed her stone like family and carried on walking like they hadn't even spocken, she just looked blattly forward with me tagging along behand her.

   "amir shouldn't you go back to the other i'm sure the thing you want to talk about can wait till later,  if it got any thing to do with me then it not that important ,right". I tried to nogoshate.

 It was so fast I couldn't tell what had just happend but both the umbrella were up in the air and my face was in both of her hand.

    "Stella you just don't get it, you don't know how important you really are. I hate watching you think that way."I looked at her huge eye that were filled a lifetime of sadness.

   "watching me.........but you only just meet me" I whisperd

 Then a hand cut stright in the middle of us and pushed us a part. As Blake stood between us still pushing Amir away. I felt a rush go though me an impulse that told me to take Amir arm and make her tell we what she meet, becuase I had a feeling what she wanted to tell me was somthing I need to know. 

   So the best time to act was know when they didn't excpet it.

I quickly dashed to my right and past Blake and quickly took Amir's arm and made a sprited to the crowed at the entrances of the school doors knowing it would be hard for them to get me and just like I guessed my impulseive action throught them of guard which bought me some time. luckly Amir went along with my plan and started to leaded the way throught the crowed. we docked,bobed and scuched are why in to the school and were know heading to the libary. I guess Amir had the same idea I did. I looked back searching for any one who was pursuing us and in amzment nobody was. 

  As we entred the libary we went stright to the section on sci-fi knowing that it was the furvisted from the door and also no one would be thier. We got the odd husssss from the librarien but we just eggnorde it.

  "wow stella I can't belive you had the gut to the that you have no idea how mad Darien will be when he find us. well of cause he want be made at you but he'll probaly rip me to streads" she giggled.

   "what do you mean he want get mad at me, ah any please tell me what you was going to say and make it quick, ufo and alien can only hide us for so long." I whisped looking back and fouth from her and the door.

   "carm down, stella they may not even come after us"she turned my head to her.

   "but to be honest I think this is something that Darien what to tell you,he's is the one who really wants to tell you, stella. just ask him."

   "what are you saying Darien wouldn't tell me any thing. He doesn't even talk to me know." I looked down to the floor and cleched my fists.

   "the only reason he is not talking to you is becuase he think you don't want to talk to him. believe me Stella he'd give you anything you wanted, and that a promise."

   "so you won't tell me" I let her hand go and she nodded

 I sighed

I guess I'll have to ask him. But I know that would be a hopless attempted.

    "fine I'll try"I said in defeat

    "that all I ask, Stella".

  Amir started to head to the door and I followed behad. I was half annoyed,I made that great escape but still end up not knowing any more then I did before. On the brightside I'd have a reason to talk to Darien so I guess that would have to be good enough for know.

  As I reached the door I could see shadows on the outside floor. I closed my eye trying to turn invisable, when my eye flicked back open I knew I wasn't invisable.

  I swurvied my body so that I was facing Darien. He was leaing on the wall with arm crossed studying my expression. Trying to see if I had learn any thing new. This just made me feel more self-conseious then before. I guess I should fes-up

   "Amir didn't tell me any thing"with heavy despiontment ring throught.

  As I looked at his cold face slowly turn warm I found myself wanting to hide my face. He knew he would win, I guess he did that lot."Really" His face flooding with traumhp

   "Darien"I barked

   "Yea" he said coreshly half leaning forward.

   "you will tell me" I demaned 

   I knew he would say no so I waited and it took longer than I thought.

   "No" he said flatly

  But I wasn't giveing up if what Amir said was true then I will win. I crossed the distance and grab his arm.

   I only had one weapon left and that was to beg and plead.

     "Just please" I begged

  He tried to walk away. so I tried again.

     "Darien, please." I step in front of him. and tried to get closer to his face.

  I could see agaknee strick all throught his gentle face. I hadn't noticed but I was just inchs from his face. Even though I should have flincked or backed away I couldn't I was mezmorized.

  He slowly touched a strand pieces of hair that had fallen out my clip.

  I watched him lifted it up and then slow drop it.

Then he closed his eyes and gently pushed me away.

    "No ,Stella"he murmured

Once again I past over to my stubbon side.

   "fine have it your way, I guess you don't want me to talk to you, look at you am I right." I glared at him as I watched it sink in.

    "Stella stop being childish"he said as he grab my arm, I shuck it off.

    "if you tell me the sercret.I won't be childish"

    "no stella that not how it work"his eyes tightend

    "well obviously that is how it works" I turned to head to my class, as I walked I could feel my face start to burn up. I can't believe I was so childish just know. He probaly thinks I 'm a total goffball.


         So for the next ten day I did what I said I'd do,everytime he said hello to me in class, I'd just nod and not even look in his direction. But I guess I didn't entialy stick to my promise because everytime I was far away I would mindlessly steare at him knowing he couldn't see me. But I felt alot lonelyer than I should have and I keep coming closer to breacking my promise. But I'm sure he knew that becuase he seem to know ever thing about me.

  I guess you could say he was my own personale stranger who knew everything about me.









The End

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