Silver Lining

For seventeen years straight Atlantis wore her silver bracelet, she was given it when she was born and hadn’t been permitted to take it off since, it grew with her. It almost breathed; sometimes she could feel its cool air swirling over her pale skin. Her mother told her she would only be able to remove it when she learned all of its secrets, and even when she had uncovered everything she did not wish to take it off. The bracelet worked in the same way that anatomy did, one day when Atlantis opened it she released the life within, there were little blades of grass that twinkled in their metallic state, and large swaying trees held up on little moving platforms the miniature world expanded to rivers and valleys. Her mother told her that when she was a baby all that had existed in her bracelet were the simple grass and a few flowers, when she opened it it was complete, even decorated with silver butterflies that flew into her face as she opened it. Even the miniscule universe within her bracelet couldn’t surpass the amazement she had in the way that the bracelet was always lit, even through seventeen years it still lighted the whole room whenever she sat in the dark, as if it had its own tiny silver sun. She dangled the little bracelet over her bed and dropped it, lightly, she didn't want to think of disrupting the small world inside. She pushed a chair against the wall and stood on it, she aimed to paint her room but first she had to tape it off. And whether the ceilings were high or she was tiny she was locked to this chair for the rest of her renovation. 


She, having finished taping around the edges of her walls, took the long painter's stick and swirled around the green paint, a light earthy tone. Atlantis had held a deep set love for botany as well as the rest of the natural world ever since she had discovered the land within her bracelet. The paint danced around itself, the light prancing over the top of the paint, where dark greens mixed with the lights. She watched it as if it was her own miracle playing for her and her only. She had time to take it slow, that was what she cherished most, having the time to take the world between her slender fingers and watch it fall in between their spaces. She was a bystander to her own life, and she did not mind in the slightest. 

The End

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