Silver lining

If your expecting me to write sorrowful acounts of everyday life I'm afraid you'll be dissapointed. Every cloud has a silver lining and this girl always seems to find it.....(inspired by....well you'll see)

You might be expecting me to write a story about the trials and tribulations in my life. If thats what your looking for I'm sorry to dissapoint you but the truth is I have a great life with good friends, loving parents and cute boys calling me whenever the phone is free. Despite the fact I havn't seen much of this world I feel this is the best place on earth to be. I live in a smallish town in britain on the south coast. The clothes shops aren't too far away and the sea is right around the corner. Truth be told there isn't one aspect of my life that I'd change, because I'm happy. So I am sorry if you wanted a tear jerker but thats not what life is. I mean yes there is the bad stuff in life but thats not all life is, every cloud has a silver lining you just have to look for it.

The End

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