Silver Lining

this is about an orphan who always get from pillar to post. Now she in Darrington. That where she meet three weird family's. Why do they keep coming near hear and why.

I have write the 1 chapter but it being stupid. but you get the yist of it.
hope u like it


I'am sure by know I must have at least been on the outskirts of Darrinngton now. That when I came a cross on a open field or meadow that was at least two football pitches long. As I walked slow to the middle of the empty meadow I begain looking back on the two day I had been her, and so far nothing had happen like I said before it was same old,same old.

    As I truded along the wet dewie grass I caught myself off gaurd. I begun to cry without realasing because even though I had run it through my mind a thoushand time I never truley belived that I was alone but for the past two year it slowly became less denayable because if i'm honset with myself before I was fourteen I never felt lonely or abanded. Sure my sicawasion hasn't chaged since then but for some unexplainable reason I felt like I was never really alone even when I cryed myself to sleep at night or hidden in the wardore, even time like know where I would seek refude in the forest. But know I didn't feel that same strong prezens I once did. 

    With a despret attemp to find what I once had I begain jolting my head from left to right in a hopeless effect to find that refude I once had. I stop dead in the middle of the meadow. An empty meadow where no trees grow, alone in its own little space where no tree dare to enter. Then I hard a piceing laughter with know hummor in it. I looked scanning the meadow. Only to learn that the agganizing shricher had come from my own mouth. "huh" an empty meadow, maybe that why I realised the true lonelyness that surround my heart. " An Empty Meadow " how well that fit my life story, empty,alone but yet people still pass in and out of it with no real inttesion of staying, All it is,was or ever will be Is somthing to look at or a wrong turning throught the road of life. "Story Of My Life". I lifted my head up to the cloud that lumbed over the meadow. What was that saying "every cloud has has a silver lining" well who ever said that was oblivous of the hardship in lift because as far as I was conserd that wasn't the case.


    I quickly turned my body to where the voice had come from.

 The mist hung on the floor of the meadow and in it a figure stood at the far end of the meadow still in the trees. Even from here I could tell it was male with his brode shoulders and tall-lanky build. With one hand purched on one of the tree's almost like it was giving him surport so he woun't collplces on the floor. 

    "ste...lla, stella......STELLA" His voice echoed throught the surrounding area. 

   The sound of the trees whisling in the wind mixed with his voice made it sound almost like a song or melody from anshet time.

   In the mist the figure start to move,to move toward me. Every step getting quicker as he got close to me. Once he had reached the opening of the meadow he began to hurry up even though I  couldn't see his face I could tell thier was ergencey in his movements. Like he was running for his life with all his might right down to the core of his body. Know he was spriting to me whlist still calling my name.

   I stood frozen all memory of the last few mintues gone with all my focus director at this person. That once so empty feeling I felt only second ago had dissapeard along with every muscle in my body. Without realzing it I could feel myself wanting to move closer wanting him to get herw faster. Knowing that it wasn't that I couldn't move it was because I didn't want to move.

  He was know only a few step away from me and That when it caught me of gaurd.

   His Angel like beauty

 His hand flaw right around me to craddle my back as he pulled my limp body in to his chest.

 He moved one of his hand to my head and notted his fingers in my hair meanwhile also pulling me in closer like if he didn't I would dissapear for ever. I could feel his unsteady breath on the top of my head and then gradully moved to my ear. 

 As his breath began to carm down and my heart start going nucele and any second know I would turn in to The Human Tourch. 

 But before I could fully enjoy this one mistake God had made. I heard voice from the back of him.

 "Darien let her go" a female voice hisster.

  In a Flash of a second He pulled himself away from me unlocking his Iron hold,only keep hold of both of my shoulders. 

 I looked up to meet silver lit eyes with the fantist hint of blue or maybe even violent. This gay was not just like an Angel he was one. As he looked at my eyes it looked like he was seeing so many thing at the same time not knowing what emotion he should display on his face. I tried to look away but it was a hopless attemp it like my eye were looked chained to his with an unbrackable chain. By know I most have been red or even purple because I'am sure I forgoten how to breath becuase there seemed to be a lack of oxgen as far as I could tell. But it didn't matter because on my list on most inportant thing Breathing came second to him. 

  Which made no sence because I had only knowing him a matter of mintues and I still hadn't orted a word yet.

  "Darien get a hold of yourself it time you let her go" This voice came from a gentler voice but still had a ring of othartie.

  As I looked at his expression I also so noticed his pale white skin that was one shade darker then the of snow with no ficure out of place. His eye were none the less the most beautfall of all his fichers but didn't stop any thing else from being way beyond perfect.

  His hair flowed down his head like it had been painted by the god. It was medium length and looked wind sweped in all diffrent directions he also had a side fringe that was swept to his left. But out of all that the most amazing about his hair was its colour, It was almost a brown marron colour with the tinyist hint of red in the ligth. But before I could take in any more of his perfection he quickly let go of my shoulders and quickly step back to the other groupe of people.

 I can only guess the look on my face. But I guessed I showed horror, hurt and also betrail but I just didn't get way all of the emotions that was on my face were mirrored on to the person they  called "Darien".

 "Sorry about that" I hadn't noticed untill he spock but one of the group member had come over to me with out me noticing and had a hand on one of my know cold shoulders. I turned to look at him but still half looking at Darien. 

 This man looked like he was in his early thifties and just a bit small then Darien.But yet I still judge my judgement because he had grey silver hair with blue eyes and like all the people of that group all had pale white skin. Even though their was no dout that all the people her had inhuman beauty none of them could even come closer to the Beauty that surround Darien because he didn't just look beautifull he made everything around him that much more breath taking. I looked at the man face waiting for some explainsion of what just happend knowing that this could only ever be a mistake and like all mistake they had to be put right so I waited for God to make his final judgment and waited for the man to explain why this Incornation of a angel had come to a place like Darrigtion and why he knew who I was.

   "You see we have just moved here and we just happend to pass by this meadow, When My son here" He guestured in his Dariens direction. So this was his father. " mistuck you for someone else" and thier it was the final blow to may heart. I figued as much, Mistuck me for someone else I guess that a good another reason because I'am pretty avarage looking. I guess Darien most really love that person he mistuck me for though. My hand went stright to my heart like I was trying to stop the hurting. It felt as if my heart was going to stop any mintiue. I could feel tears wellding up in the bottom of my eye lids,luckly I stopped them. I would have to wait untill their gone for the waterworks to start. Why was I feeling so jeaoulse of this person who looked like me I had no right to be, I only just met Darien I had no right at all.

 "So you see just Mistaken Identy"This voice was diffrent a lot rought then Darien or the other man but yet still a pleasent sound. The guy put his hand over the man. He was really broard built and looked like he was a rugby player or should I say American football player and also one of those people who found humor in the littleist of thing. He looked a bit older then Darien. He had dusty blonde coloured hair and was cut very short and his eyes dark brown with what seem reddish around the edge.

 "Oh sorry dear I forgot to introuced myself" The older man tuck his other hand from his pocket for me to shake "I'am Raymond Somar" not wanting to be rude I tuck his hand.

 The other guy pushed Raymond aside and tuck my hand. 

 "Hi I'm Blake" He flashed a wide smoger grin at me.

 I nod in replay

 "Blake don't be rude" then Raymond guesterd to the other people standing next to Darien. First he pointed to a small looking girl, probably a year younger but I couldn't be sure. She had a cute face with big wide eyes and small pale lips and a small nose to complete the package. She had odd styled hair, at the front the were two strandes that went pass her sholders and the rest of her hair was cut to her sholders. But it seemed that like all of these beautiful strange it was thier eye that stood out the most. She had brozen coloured eyes that made me thing of the earth."This is Liona and Leon Diden" Then I noticed the boy standing next to her. He looked exaclie like her except he looked more boyish and cool than girly and cute. But also had longer hair then Darien and looked a lot more wilder. But yet his eye were still that same bronze colour as Liona's was.They had to be twins but Leon looked like he was my age.

  "Hi, nice to meet you" They both said in sink, which kind of creeped me out. I didn't know twin really said thing at the same time.Then Liona came and stood next to Raymond but Leon stayed next to Darien. But they still bothed smiled a wide welcoming smile that throught me of guard because it almost seemed like they was welcoming me to thier family.

  "And here is Heidi Tilis" 

 I turned my head to look at her. She looked at me like she didn't see me or like she didn't want to see me but when I looked at her the first thing that came to mind was the word Lighting. I know strang but she had long wave blonde hair that almost looked white her eyes were a yellowish colour. Even thought I know people don't have yellow eyes thier was know other way of looking at it. But then again none of thier eye were normal colours.

  "and of cause you have already meet Darien"he glared at Darien, But I didn't see the meaning that went with it.

 I was standing thier so still that I felt stupid so I thought it would be best If I say somthing before they think I'm a mute.By know I had regained some oxgyen in my lungs so I was able to make short sentecen at least.

  "umh...Hi" I felt so stupid was that all I could say I tuck in another deep breath.

  "I'm Stella, Stella Knight." oh no I just said my name in the James Bond style, somebody please shoot me. I sure that the shade of red I was has got to be brighter know. 

  Then a thought came to mind, Stella that was my name so why...why did Darien shout my name. It can't be that much of a coquidise that he knows someone who look like me and has the same name,thats like one in a millon chance.

  "are you ok Stella"Raymond lead in closer to me. I guess it was my puzzeld look that worried him

  "oh yeh I'm fine it just" I looked stright at Darien.Once again his beauty no not just his look but also the mood or ora surrounding him seem to much like he had his own gravity field and I was getting closer and closer to stepping over in to his world. But it wasn't time to thing about that I had to get a grip on realitie."I was wondering why did you say stella becuase It seemed a bit wierd to me how I look like some you know and also have the same name" I looked him directly in the eye's hoping he would be the one to answer. As I looked I watch his expresion and I didn't get it. It looked turched and pained like he want to come back over to me and hug me like he had before. I was hoping for that too.

  "Well you see....." Raymond began but was cut short by Darien who gestured to him to stop.

 Darien hastly and slow walked in front of me so the other back away a bit to give him space. Keeping his eye on mine.

  "I'm very sorry but all of this was nothing more than a mistake. I mean why would I hugging a random strange, human I have never seen before .So don't go thing thier was any other reason for this. Ok" His tone sound so brotle and harssher but his eye looked like he was forcing him self.

  "I know I...never thought there was any hidden meaning it just that" I could tell I sound hurt and so could he.

 He put his hand over his mouth and then to his head. His eye looked like they were burning, not like his eye turned red but more like he was in agany. He slowly closed his eyes.

  "God,why can't you just get over it I said I was sorry"he murmmed. Even thought what he said was kid of childish. His voice never once sezed to make me lighthead. Sometime It even seemed like his voice was curesing my body.

  "Darien stop it, It not her folt that you  ran up to her and hug her so don't get made at her becuase your the one whos not getting over it."Liona barked at him. But I didn't miss the emperfty she put on her, I maybe imagint it but it seemed like the way she said it made it sound like I was a god or somthing.

  "ahh sorry Stella, Darrien never was good at saying sorry"Blake said and then rutheld my hair, and I heard Darrien snarl.

  "it really doesn't matter I guess in a way it was my folt"I said trying to make him feel better

  Darien grab both of my arms, I looked in shock at his angred face.

  "Stella how the hell is any of this your folt, nothing is your folt so stop trying to make me feel better Stella are you listing"His exprasion got more annoyed and I could feel myself lossing it.

  " I'm so...sorry but it as much a my folt as yours I didn't mean to make you hate me. but it is partly my folt if I had just stop you or maybe even ran away none of this would be happening." I found myself pleading at the end. It wierd normaly I would try to show no signs of weekness but with these people I found myself just wanting to make them happy but yet all I did was spill my guts out to them instead. 

  "stella" he said in a whisper "please please" 

 He lent in so he was talking in to my ear, is breath going straight throught me

  "stop making me feel week and helpless it killing me stella"

 Confused,bewiled, lost at this point all of these applied to me. What did he mean by "stop making me feel week and helpless"  I only just met him so I never start making him feel week and helpless and why was he getting angry about me saying it was my folt when I'm the one who should be mad in the first place.

  No matter how much I didn't want to I had to get out of her, because the more I get sucked in to his gravity field the more hurt I will be when he leave. Because I know that after this they problay won't talk to me because in the end the only reason their here is becuase of a mistake, and mistake don't last for ever and even thought it a odd thing to wish for I wish this mistake lastsed forever.

  I quickly unclenched his hands from my rist and moved my head away so I couln'd hear his brething anymore and turned to Raymound and the others.

  "I got to go" I said it so fast I hope they heard it.

 I walk as past a my leg would go which was defantly not fast enought. Darien had already court my clenched fist. I flong my head back in hope that I looked annoyed or forstrated.

   "what do you want Darien"So hoping I sound pissed and not as happy as hell.

  He half smile like he was about to laught, and like alway I can't help feel week in the knees

   "See you tommorow"That caught me of guard but my reaction seemed to ammused him.

 I half looked away and very stubbanly I said "see you tommorow".

He let go of my hand and without taking a last look I made my why back home. With nothing but Darien Somar on my mind.

     When I got home Iris and Samon were watching the news, which I wasn't familia with, since I been In america for a max of two day and hadn't grown accoutom to the diffrent tv channles even thought many are the same to what is in England.But I did miss waking up to the BBC news in the morning. I maybe only sixteen but I do like knowing what happening around me even if I'm not really that botherd.

  As I walk thought the door to go up staries I heard Iris call from the livingroom.

   "Stella is that you"she said in her shrille voice.

   "yeh its me"

   I heard the voice get near and then she appeared in her pink fluffy slipper with a dressing gown on,with the words "RoundTree Hotle" on the right. Who knew the Bingo lady was a hotle thief I bet if I go to the bathroom I'll find some soap from "The Black swan inn".

   "oh dear were have you been you missed dinner, If you want I can heat it up for you if you like, We had maccaroin and chesse."

   "I'am not really that hungry and I feel really tired so I think I'll just hit the sack.I need some sleep for school, so" I kind of felt bad for lying to Iris but I was tired and I did have school in the morning but I can't say I wasn't hungry but I was to nevouse about tommorow and how I was going to talk to them with out being stupid or stubbon becuase Darien seemed to be planning to see me tommorow.

   "oh ok dear, but if you change your mind all you have to do is heat it up dear" She gave me her gran smile and I headed up to my room.

  As soon as I was in the door I plocked myself on the bed, sure that I heard a snapping. I ley thier for mintues maybe hours trying to make up sanarous on what could happen tommorow and how I would deal with it. It funny I seem to do it a lot when I worried about somthing or just can't get to sleep. Like if I was have a fight with one of my friend, you have to remember that I was probably nine or ten at this time and I hadn't disscaed not to make friends at this point in my life. Anyway I would think of what I would say to them and I come up with clever comeback and I would always win. But the truth is when the time came down to it I wouldn't have the gut to say any of it. I don't know why maybe it was becuase I was to scared or I didn't want to hurt their feelings. I'm one of those people who will apoligize when I haven't done any thing wrong . It's real pathetic.






     I had gotten up extra early which surprised me because I didn't think I get any sleep. So I diced I would make aneffected to look good but all I did was put on some eye liner and mascara. Because may skins ok so I see no need for torns of foundation like some girl think they do. All you need is eyeliner and massare and good skin product because the most flattering thing on your body Is your eyes so that why I like making them stand out. I really do love my green eye and today they seem extra bright so maybe this was my lucky day. Today I thought I would wear my long chorcaol sweater cardie with a hood, dark tights, a long white top and my snecker. Like always I only ever wore my 9ct gold ring with my birthstone (perdot) and a thin silver chain which held a locket at the end. This locket had a beautful symbol engraved on it, it was a pair of angel wing and on the back thier was the sign for the elements. All may life I was fasatend with the element like they had a meaning in my life. I guess I was just beging fowlish.

  When I got down stries I had I bit of tooast and set of. It was good in the morning becuase Iris and Simon didn't get up untill after I left so thier was no fursing around and I was free to eat what I wanted without feeling bad that I didn't eat what Iris wanted me to. I looked the door with the key that Iris had given me. Iris was so sweet she even had my key designed with a butterfly on it with the letter S in the middle. I wonder what else she had done for me because she defualty had it prepeard both I got hear.

  I slong my bag over my right shoulder and head down the path. Like every morning I didn't see many kids it was only when I got closer to the school when I saw the hurde of cars of all the studits travling to school.

  Only when I reached the entraser of the school did I notice that somthing was off. All I could see was a hord of teennages surrounding somthing or somthing's. I tryed to see over the wild and mess hair style but had no look. So insead I pushed my why in. doudging every in my way arms,legs,bags and the accasional nerds. 

 That when I saw them

   I may not be form America but I knew this wasn't normal. When someone see three sport car all parked next to each other(and i'm talk really expencive cars) only three thing come to mind. 1.Some teacher won the lottley and spent it on sport cars, but that bring to question why stay in a crummy little town like this. 2.Thier crimals who have just broken out of Azkaban and have come looking for Harry Potter. Or last option Darrigton is the new Beverly Hills and any mintue some modle are going to walk by and make me feel worries about myself. So as I waited for one of the ideas to come true I found myself searching the car park to find the owners of the cars. Which was totaly useless becuase It not like I knew what they looked like. Then it dawned on me I already knew whos cars they were. I started to huddle back in to the crowed and find my way out. I had just squizzed past the last person and was know free. I made a dash for the door. Not knowing why I was running because to be truthful I want to see them and him. But I don't thing I was prepead yet if I had at least another hour I think I would be able to make it.

  Thats when I turned my head to see seven people staring stright at me. seven why was thier seven here ,yesterday thier was only six and that was including Raymond. I scanned the knew face. One was a male around the same age as me. he was a bit small then Darien and had jet black hair that had small spinkes and just like Blake he had brown eye with a little red but these seemed a lot darker.

  Standing next to Heidi was a smaller girl who had to be a year below me. She had long black hair that almost seemed blue that was a bit longer than mine. As I looked at her I noticed she had very girly fichers and of cause her eye, her eye were a picesing blue or soft skyblue colour but I couldn't make up why mind because one looked light then the other.

  As I took in the new infomation I saw a smile apear on Dariens face it almost looked smug. As I looked at their pozes it seemed to me They was waiting for someone. Then I realzied They were waiting for me. Darien lift his had and beconed me to come over.Thats when my stubbone side kick in, why should I,it not like I know them. Even if I want to go over thier I'm not give them the satifcation of them knowing that have been up all night thing about them, And I was certaly not going to give Darien it.

  So I quickly and carmly started to walk to the door of the school knowing shocked would fill thier face. I kind of felt smug myself. But I'm guess Darien Would soon be folowing behand me in a matter of second.

  Thats when I heard his halfed annoyed but half ammoused voice in my ear.

At this point he had his right arm around my neck and his left over my eyes.

  "So Stella did you find that amusing, playing with me like that I did say I would see you tommorow right, I know you didn't forget" He whisped lightheartedly in my ear making all my body alret to him like a dog and his Master I had to know my place I had to answer.

  "Well it not like I know you I only met you yesterday because of mistaken Identiey. So In truth I shouldn't know you at all it was just a mistake. If that didn't happen I wouldn't know you right know and you would be attacking a complete strange. Which would make you a wierdo." His body started to shake and I was half holding in a laught.

  "Ow Stella Knight you really cut me deep. How cruel. Well the fact are it did happen. so were not strange and I'm not a wierd. So next time I tell you to come to me,please just do it."I could he the smile in his voice.

  "Darien you can let her go know" heidi snapped.

  "Yeh Darien don't be so greedy we all want her."Blake rabbed my arm and pulled me to his side.

 "Ok guys she not a toy,"Liona tuck my hand and looked at my face. 

 "you look kinda tierd Stella did you not get much sleep last night"her high saprono voice echoing throught my ears.

 I saw Darien's smile widen like he had sucsed at somthing. He knew excaly what he had done. I turned my head so he couldn't see my sharmfull red on my face.

 "oh Stella I almost forgot This is Tristen Somar and Amir Tilis." she turned me to the pair. So thats why Tristen looked like Blake but Amir didn't look any thing like Heidi.

 The small girl ran up to me and hug me and than kissed both my cheeks. My face most have been pretty shocked because I heard The guys behand me try to cover up there laughts with caughts.

 "I'm so happy to finaly meet you, you really are a stunner"she said in a high chimme sound.

stunner was she mocking me, I saved myself the haslte and let it pass as a slip of the tongue.

 "Amir" Tristen gave her a warning, and she looked sorry but I don't know why.

 "Nice to meet you I'm sorry about my annoying brother other thier" he glanced at Darien.I smiled

 "Oh don't worry I'm sure Darien just a big softie" smiled at Darien he seemed hurt and that hurt me. "Not really Darien" I said playfully

Darien grab my head softly and pulled me next to him and started to walk with his hand still pourched on my head.

 This was so embarrasing I'm sure some people around were looking and sooner or late there would be rumors. But I let him pull me along.

  "So how about we see what class were in to together" He asked

  "What ever you want master"I reatorted

  "That more like it"I sounded ammused.

That when I saw the Emily and the other girl I had spent launch with just yeasterday. I looked up at Darien who was looking straight ahead. It not like he really want me here it just I'm the only person he knows and soon or later he'll get some other friend and he want need me any more, and just like all the other time I'll be hurt. But I fear this time it will be a lot worse and I don't think my heart can take much more. A heart can only be reaparied so much. Beacuse even my heart gets tired of getting step on.

  It my hurt for awhile but I think if I get out know there still a chance I can go on like nothing happend. But yet I still wasn't fully paswayed by it. But I had to give it a try.

 I moved my head so his hand fell to his side and I started to walk to Emily who was half gawking at this point. I had no idea what I was going to tell them but at this point it hadn't crossed my mind. So when I was half why between I turned to shout back that I was going with Emily but what I saw across all thier face knocked the wind out of me.

 It was like staring at fallen angel who just found out that they can't go back up to heaven. So beautiful but yet so heart bracking.

 Why did they look like this, It look like they was ready to tie me up in a plactic bag and run away.

 "I'll see you later"I chocked out, even thought I wasen't planning on It.

Then I head to Emily and tryed not to look back knowing it was going to happen sometime.

 All I was doing was speeding up the processe.






















The End

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