Screams Of A Thief

A young princess, Audry, becomes intrigued with the tale and possible capture of the Silver Fox--a thief of legend who steals from the wealthy and gives to the poor--or so the legend says. In reality, this Silver Fox's true motives come to light as Audry and her bodyguard, Luca--a boy falsely accused of being the Silver Fox--attempt to reveal the Fox's identity. In the midst of this mission, they are forced to face former allies in battle as Audry's uncle betrays the kingdom. Could these events

            Faintly hearing a sound, even through my deep dream, I was jolted awake. I sat up in the bed and strained my ears for the sound that had woken me. Again it came, distantly, through the thick wooden door of my bedroom.

            "A scream? What's going on out there?" I whispered.

            Climbing out of bed, I slipped on my robe and padded softly down the hallway. Periodically, the screams came. It was male and, judging from the size of my family's castle, emanating from much farther than I had expected. Feeling the pounding of my chest, I approached the doors leading to the dungeon. A blood-shivering scream startled me. Jumping back, I knocked into a vase. I instinctively reached to catch it, but was too late. The echo of the crash soared in all directions. Terrified, I froze. The dungeon doors rattled and opened, revealing my uncle's face.

            "Young niece, what are you doing out here?" Uncle asked.

            My father's younger brother by two months had failed to acquire the throne due to his age. Over the years, Uncle had conspired against my father on numerous occasions. Despite this, Father still allowed him to stay in the castle. Uncle looked upon me patiently.

            "I-um...I was woken by the sound of screams. I followed them here," I managed.

            My face turned red in embarrassment. Uncle smiled kindly.

            "Curious, are we? It is merely a punishment. A thief was caught stealing from the kitchen. I had to teach him a lesson. You understand, don't you?"

            "I do understand, but did he deserve that much of a punishment. I'm sure he had a good reason--"

            "Perhaps he did, but we are not the only people he has stolen from. You see, my dear, we've caught the Silver Fox."

            Shock etched on my face, Uncle's words left me speechless. The Silver Fox was a legend, a myth. The stories said that he stole from any and everyone at any time. Jewelry, livestock, clothes, food-nothing was out of his range. Some people say he stole because he could. Others say he stole to give it to the poor. No one could say for sure why he did it because he had never been caught and his treasure had never been found. There were occasional rumors that floated around saying that if you were bad, he would steal you too. That was mostly told to children to make them behave though. I truly thought-and prayed-that he would remain a myth. Standing in front of my uncle with his words still ringing in my ears, I felt afraid.

            "Don't worry, child."

The End

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