Lindsay: A Lonely Life

It was always dangerous to travel in broad daylight.  Lindsay knew that from experience.  

She figured, however, that she was deep enough within the forest to avoid any confrontations.  It was a lonely life, being on constantly on the run, but it kept her alive and when the day was done that was really the only thing that mattered.  

The trek back to the cabin was long and tedious but Lindsay didn't mind.  She had always preferred solitude to the boisterous company others always provided.  Even as a child Lindsay had never fit into the mold of how little girls ought to behave.  So, she spent her days and nights alone; creating her own mold of who she ought to be.  As Lindsay walked through the rough forest she thought back to all those times other children had teased her and ridiculed her.  It seemed so pointless now.  The taunts they had thrown at her because she always seemed to be ill, the looks she received when she often complained at the school's lack of metal silverware, was absolutely pointless.  It did not help her survive another day on her own; the memories only reminded her that being on her own was safer... for everyone.

As the sun began to sink towards the towering trees, Lindsay's vision settled upon the cabin.  The cabin was small, only three rooms, and the wood had started to rot in some places.  And it was the most comfortable looking house Lindsay had seen in quite some time.  Cobwebs drifted on the window panes and a thick layering of dust obscured the glass. 

Although the cabin had obviously been neglected for a long while, Lindsay stopped a ways away from the cabin and listened for any sings of movement.  There was a bird hopping up in the trees above and tiny woodland creatures venturing out around her, but there was nothing that sounded vaguely humanoid in origin.  Lindsay scanned the surrounding woods in case there was someone hiding, waiting for her.  You could never be too cautious when it came to your own survival.  Eventually, Lindsay assessed that no one was around the cabin and she made her way towards it's creaky door.  She had to struggle a bit with the handle but it gave way and Lindsay rushed inside, closing the door tight behind her.  

She was exhausted by the journey to the cabin and decided to rest first before searching for any silver.  A couch was set up under one of the dirty windows (terrible placement in Lindsay's opinion) and though it was stained and torn, Lindsay sat down and fell asleep immediately.


The sound of running is what woke Lindsay.  Heavy footfalls could be heard in the silence of the woods.  Very slowly, Lindsay sat up and focused in on the sound.  Whoever was running was quite a distance off, but they were coming this way.  They stopped; paused for just a moment before picking up again, this time quicker.  

They've seen the cabin.

Soft moonlight tried to struggle through the window but Lindsay didn't need it's light to see.  A quick peek out of the dusty pane told Lindsay enough.  A man was coming up to the cabin.  She didn't have enough to time to run and so very quietly, Lindsay crept towards the small kitchenette on the other side of the room.  She had examined its drawers the first time she had come by and remembered that an old hunting knife had been left in one of the cupboards.  Filing quickly through them, she came upon the old knife and held it tight in her hand.  

The doorknob rattled as the man tried to work his way in.  Lindsay crept back into the shadows and waited, the knife poised in her ready hand.

The End

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