Scott: Woods

Scott continued along a small road, quickly finding himself within a large swath of forest. Police cars were everywhere on the main road, sounded like a robbery had just gone down nearby from the snippets of conversation he'd overheard.

What rotten luck. 

To make matters worse, the 'meal' he'd had a few hours back was starting to wear thin. It had been his only real sustenance in a week, and most of the chain wasn't even silver. But, then again, better something than nothing.

He slowed to a jog to preserve the small amount of energy he had left, following a small path through the trees.

Moonlight filtered through the canopy of leaves, illuminating the shifting twigs at his feet. A near-tangible silence hung heavy in the air and allowed Scott some solace despite the insistent pounding in his head.

The temporary peace was immediately broken harshly by the sound of footfalls on the path behind him, too rushed and faltering to be that of a patrolling officer. Someone else was on the run, it seemed. 

Scott considered ducking behind the trees but a gut feeling told him that it was of no use. He let his pace slow considerably instead, waiting in curiosity. 

To his surprise the footsteps faded and the presence he had noticed disappeared from perception. Brushing it off but still somewhat spooked, Scott decided almost instantly at the sight of a distant cabin that it was more than time to settle down for the night. 

His aching limbs couldn't agree more. 

The End

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