On The Move

Zeth shivered and hugged himself with his arms as he walked along the deserted street. Even with his layers of protection, the midnight chill still got to him. At this point he really didnt know where he was going or what he would do, so he simply walked along the streets, letting them take him somewhere. As he walked passed a closed shop, he glanced in one of the display windows and spied a display of items of jewelry, silver among them. His body grew a little warmer seeing the metal that so oddly refreshed and nourished him.
          Now unfortunately due to Zeths bringing up in an orphanage he was not highly knowledgable of the outside world. He thought that if he just broke in and stole the silver now, nobody would know until it was too late. He never considered an alarm giving him away. He looked around and spotted a broken chunk of pavement on the sidewalk. He pulled in out of the rest of the sidewalk and walked back over tot he shop window. He reared back and smashed the rock against the glass, shattering it.
           As he reached the silver an alarm shrieked, and a blinding light shone in Zeths face and jumped and almost fell over as he stumbled backwards. In the distance he could hear the sound of sirens. Police?, Damn! He cursed himself for his stupidity and started to run. He stopped in his tracks and quickly went back and swiped the silver from the display case, and stuffed in his coat pocket before taking off again.
          He ran in the opposite direction of the store knowing thats where the police were headed there. He kept running but to his dismay the sirens were now coming his way, and fast. He glanced behind him looking to see how close the police cars were getting, and he saw the eerie blue and red lights flashing. With his vision turned away he neglected to see the pothole in the road in front of him, and tripped, falling to the ground. He hit hard, skinned his knee on the way down, feeling blood trickle out. The sirens were extremely close now, lighting up the night. Knowing he had to hide quickly, he rolled off the side of the road into cluster of tall plants, just in time too. The cars came flying past and Zeth lay stock still. 
          He layed there for another minute or two, just to be sure. When he was convinced they were gone he sat up, and let out a long breath he wasnt aware he was holding. He winced and slowly got to his feet. He analyzed the options of where he could go next. Either way down the road were the police, which left the only other option; The forest he saw in the distance. He groaned and started to limp off toward the woods, wondering where fate would take him next.

The End

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