The Edge of Always

Three days. That’s how long it took the Suits to track down the Everly twins. Luckily for Jack and Morgan their heightened senses and survival instincts were unmatched by humans alone. They had hoped to avoid confrontation as it would only draw unwanted attention, but one could only run so far in the Darkstone forest before they ran out of land and were faced with a jagged cliff edge overlooking a rocky shore.

 Jack swore under his breath as he kicked a loose stone in aggravation. He watched it tumble over the cliff edge and disappear some hundred feet below into a foggy mist. He offered Morgan an angry sidelong glance. “This is all your fault you know.”

 Ebony strands of wind tousled hair tickled Morgan’s cheek. Morgan laughed ruthlessly. “We are about to die. Are those seriously going to be your last words to me? That is so like you Jack, holding a grudge even in the face of death!”

 Jack knelt down to peel off his worn converses and socks. “Yeah well we wouldn’t be in this situation had you not forgotten our stash in the first place!”

 Morgon followed Jack’s lead and chucked her own shoes and rolled up her now torn jeans. “It was an accident! How was I supposed to know the suits were tracking us? They didn’t want the silver Jack, they wanted us.”

 Jack tuned out his sister and allowed his heightened sense of hearing to help him track the sounds of boots crushing leaves on the forest floor. If he had to guess he’d say the Suits were about a quarter of a mile away.

 A whistle escaped Jack’s clenched teeth. Three days ago they lost their supply of silver. Two days ago their skin started to turn an unhealthy hue of blue. One day ago they discovered the bugs that had been planted in their book bags. And in one day, their senses would be reduced to that of a stage one human. Jack predicted their deaths would occur on Wednesday, two days from now. News Morgan didn’t care to be informed of.

Silver was hard to come by these days, let alone doing it when you were being chased through a forest by hunters with tranq guns. 

 Angry tears began to trail down Morgan’s delicate face.

 Jack glanced at his stopwatch."Forty seven hours and thirteen minutes,” he whispered.

 Morgan shot him a look of absolute annoyance, which he made a point to ignore as he grabbed her arm. “We came into this world together. Let us go out the same way sister.”

 Morgan nodded. It was the closest Jack ever came to saying I love you. She gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. “Always.”

 Jack shifted his weight from foot to foot. It was a nervous gesture, though Jack would never own up to such an emotion. “Let’s do this now before the Suits see us jump and see to finding our corpses for observation.”

Morgan swallowed through a lump in her throat. “On that note I’m ready to die,” she replied sardonically before joining her brother in a running start over the edge of the cliff.

The End

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