Lindsay: What She Knows

Noise.  So much noise.  Thuds and screams and shouts and bangs and crashes tumbled through the air and invaded Lindsay's ears.  The noises were fighting with each other, trying to prove that one was louder and better than the others.  A low, recurring thud resounded through the house and a scream retaliated with a high pitch and long duration.  The voices of many men shouting came from the other side of the door.  Lindsay wished she could block the sounds but her hands over her ears did little to stop the noises from penetrating into her mind.

A hand comes from above and another voice.  The hand is soft but urgent and the voice is trying hard to remain calm.  The voice is telling Lindsay to get up, get up.  Run, you must run quickly.  Come now Lindsay, you have to get away.

But Lindsay can't (or doesn't want to) move.  She was happy here.  Mom and Dad were so nice and they made her feel safe.  Why were there bad men pounding on their door?  What had any one of them done to call down such a life-changing interruption?  

Lindsay knew that if she ran she would be running from everything that was good and safe.  She would be running into the unknown.  All Lindsay wanted was to stay with what she knew...

Lindsay knew that she was eleven.  Something bad was happening.  Mom and Dad were scared.  She knew...

Lindsay startled awake.  Soft rustles alerted her to the fact that her jumpy awakening had woken the woodland creatures that slept nearby.  Scowling, Lindsay brushed leaves and pine needles out of her short, dark hair.  There was a soft frost that blanketed the forest floor and Lindsay was grateful for the heavy blanket she had nicked from the cabin.  The cabin had been abandoned but after a long internal debate, Lindsay had decided it was safer not to camp inside it.  You never knew who was going to turn up in the middle of the night...

Lindsay reached up to her eyes and wiped away the tears that had escaped while she was dreaming.  It had been ten years since the men in uniform had attacked her home and turned her into a fugitive.  They had killed her parents and forced Lindsay to run... constantly.  Lindsay didn't know exactly why they came but she suspected it had something to do with her and her affinity for silver.

Lindsay reached under her blanket to find her bag.  She stuck her hand deep into one of its pockets, fingers searching for any spare change.  She smiled when her hand encountered a small handful of dimes and quarters.  She scooped them up into her palm and sat quietly.  Coins were never the best option, but they were easy to get and if you had enough, they provided Lindsay with enough energy to get her through a couple of days.

The coins lay still in her hand.  Lindsay closed her eyes and began to concentrate.  She could feel the trace amounts of silver in the change tingle in response.  From where the coins touched her skin, bits and flecks of silver melted out of the coins and dissolved into her skin, right into her bloodstream.  She smiled.  There was always a sort of high Lindsay got whenever she extracted the silver.  Silver always provided more nourishment than any super-food Lindsay had been able to find.  Lindsay did not know why, she just knew it was so.

Lindsay tossed the coins back into her bag and glanced around the forest.  She would travel back to the cabin and search for any silver there.  She placed her head into her hands and thought back to her dream, which hadn't been a dream at all, but a memory of the worst night of her life.  

She would find the men responsible for her situation and she would make them suffer.  After all, there are higher prices to pay than gold or silver.  

The End

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