Scott: Running

The streets were dark, pavement crumbling with the heaviness of rain in the air. A solitary figure was making his way through the twisting paths with his gaze glued to the ground.

Cops had nearly busted him again. Hadn’t had much of a choice but to lift a bit of the money from the store, honestly. It was only a couple hundred and based on what he’d heard of the clerk’s phone conversation, which was all of it, the old man could have spared it with ease. It wasn’t like he had trouble making the rent of a one-room apartment. The cash would have been returned soon enough anyways, once any odd jobs presented themselves.

A pair of indigo eyes suddenly flitted to a gleaming chain abandoned on the hard black ground, filling with surprise and curiosity. The hooded character bent down and lifted it into the air with a thin finger, holding it in his fist as it fell to nothing. His gaze flushed with an odd light momentarily, marking the power surging into his veins through the pores of his hand.

Silver. Greatest drug unknown to man.

The sounds of a TV in the building next to him droned unceremoniously, catching his attention.

“...Police are searching for the suspect in a chain of multiple small thefts, including one recently discovered at the convenience store on Kennedy and Burnhamthorpe. Sources say that the authorities are closer than ever to finding the accused and bringing them to justice, which is welcome news for the small business owners of this city. This is Kendra Donovan for GTV news, now to Pat for the latest sports scores-”

He let the noise fade and, looking up at the swirling sky, pulled the hood further down onto his face and broke into a jog as the adrenaline started to filter into his bloodstream, shoes slapping against the wet asphalt. The small city roads quickly gave way to the highway, empty at the time of night but for a few cars whizzing by.

Regret and reluctance were hard to come by, when you were always running. Especially when there was no debate in the matter. Freedom was much more important. Freedom and remaining unseen.

The End

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