A Bloody Tooth

A further evolved race then humans called Silverbloods populate the Earth in secret, a small few survivors still cling to life, hiding from the Government that wants to exterminate them. They need silver to survive, hence their name, and their senses are sharper and better than us mere humans. Will they find each other? Will they team up to put on their own crusade? Or will they Government kill them just like the killed the rest?          


          Slam! The fist crashed into Zeth's stomach, and he grunted in pain. The kid hit him again as the other held him in a full nelson. As the kid went in for a third punch he headbutted the kid behind and ducked just before the punch hit so the kid punched his own friend right in the face. Zeth broke out of the hold as the guy stumbled back and proceeded to uppercut the one brute in the jaw. He then followed with a roundhouse that put that guy out of the fight. He turned and ducked just before a guy slammed him, and neatly tripped him.

          Two more kids came rushing at him full speed. He sidestepped and clotheslined the first, then leaned to the side and flipped the second over his back to send him crashing onto a table, collapsing it. He heard pounding steps behind and rolled out of the way before he was tackled. Unfortunately, he came up right next the brute and received a punch right to the mouth that sent him reeling. He spat out a glob of blood and stood. He looked around to see himself surrounded by five remaining fighters. Lovely odds aren't these? They all stood there immobile for a second glaring at each other. With lightning speed Zeth pounced on the first one grabbing his arm and swinging him around sending him careening into another kid. As they both fell down to the ground the other three charged. As the first one came he dodged and delivered at kick right to the kids crotch. He then blocked a punch, and responded with a left to the kids gut. As the kid hunched over, he elbowed the kid in the back of the neck sending him to the floor.
          Just as Zeth started to recover the last guy hit him in the face causing him to fly back into a chair as the kid went to kick him, Zeth grabbed the chair and put it infront of the guys foot, making him kick the chair. As the guy howled in pain and hopped around on a single foot, he got up and in a rage grabbed the guy by his neck, lifting him a foot off the ground, and threw him into the wall. He walked over to the collapsed form of the boy, and grabbing his collar continued to punch him over and over, till blood covered his face and Zeth's fist.
          Just as he reared back for another blow, his elbow was grabbed and yanked back taking his body with it. He was turned around to be standing face to face with the dreaded Ms. Harley, also the matron of the orphanage. She had a tall, slender, intimidating form, almost like an angel of death, and was feared by almost all inhabitants of the orphan home. She gave him a full slap across the face that sent his head snapping back.

"What is the meaning of this?" she said surveying the room, her grip on Zeth's arm not loosened a bit. Any kid who hadn't left during the fight looked at the ground, nobody able to meet her gaze. She smirked as she looked around, like she expected this, which of course she probably did. By the sound her voice the kids who he'd been fighting with started to stir and get up.          

A kid with a bloody lip, pointing right at him, said, "It was him."

Regarding him again she asked, "Is this true?"

"No they attacked me!" he sputtered not believing what he was hearing.

"Oh it was him all right." another kid chimed in.

"Ya, he did it!" yet another said until all of the people he'd fought were talking at once, accusing him.

"Silence!" Ms. Harley's voice rang out, cutting of all the other voices. "There will be no yelling in this orphanage unless I am the one doing it, understand!" Every head in the room nodded obediently, nobody daring to speak. "Now as I understand it Zeth here attacked all of you?" her head nodding in the direction of all of the people who had just been blaming him. All of them with deviant smiles on their faces nodded.

"What!? But I didn-"

"Quiet! Did I give you permission to speak?" she spat. Zeth just looked down, trying to control his fury. "As for you children" speaking to everyone but him in the room, "You shall prepare yourselves for bed." Then observing him said "And as for you, you will be punished." Zeth remained silent knowing better than to speak.
          She lead him through several corridors, and then halted in front of a large, midevil looking wood door. She pulled off a key chain from around her neck and unlocked the door with a large brass key. After this she threw him into the room, she said, "This will be your current residence for the night, I hope you will think about what you have done," and slammed the door behind her, locking it from the outside. Zeth sat there for a second having to process all that had just occured for a second then stood up, infuriated and started to beat the stone walls with his fist until they were bruised and bloody. He felt around in his mouth with his tounge, and spat out a bloody tooth. He collapsed onto the floor and curled up into a ball without a blanket or anything to cover him, and fell asleep.
          He awoke the sound of the key in the lock, and the door swinging open. He followed a tight-lipped Ms. Harley back to the dining hall where the rest of the kids were having breakfast. As he got to the silverware containers, he snuck a few more silver spoons from the box and sat at a vacant table. He closed his eyes and focused, absorbing energy from the spoon. He opened his eyes and watched the spoon crumble into dust. He had always been able to do this with silver. It always rejuvenated him, gave him the energy he needed to carry on.
          As he ate his mind wandered to the events of last night. As he remembered he could feel his anger welling up again, but he forced it back down. He kept thinking though of his past in this orphanage. He'd been here for as long as he could remember, in Ms. Harley's Home for the Parentless. He thought of his struggle here, all the unfairness, and cruelness he'd faced, and that made him think more that he couldn't take anymore of it. That gave him an idea. Why don't I just run away? He didn't know why he hadn't thought of this before, and the more he thought about it the more it appealed to him.
          The day seemed to last forever. Finally after a grueling period of work and cleaning as punishment, it was lights out. He tipped toed to the door, and slowly pushed it open, cringing at the squeaking it gave. He stopped there for a moment, making sure no one had awoke, and continued on. He took a slight detour to the coat racks, and examined its contents. He lifted a sweater or a hook and pulled it over his head. Next, he put on a leather jacket with wool insides over the sweater. Then, he slipped on a pair of heavy work boots that were on the floor beneath.
           Once he was a dressed up, he crept into a corridor to find a spare room to escape from. The door was out of the question because Ms. Harley had a automatic alarm system installed that was active during night. He went to door after door twisting the handle back and forth, hoping one would open. Finally, at the last door, he crossed his fingers and twisted. He was surprised to find that this one opened when he tried the knob. He closed the door behind him, and surveyed any possible escape routes. The only way of escape looked like the window, so he walked up to it. As he went to open it he found it was stuck shut. He cursed his luck and guessed there was only one other way to do this. He pulled down his coat sleeve so it covered his fist and punched the glass. It shattered with a resounding crash, and Zeth hoped nobody heard. Carefully, avoiding any broken pieces of glass, he crawled out the window. He stood, breathing in the fresh and cool night air. Free at last!



The End

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