The cat stepped into the cold winter snow. Silver was a fluffy white cat in her middle age and she loved adventures. The winter was defiantly not her favorite season but with the milk inside as a reward it was worth it. Once she was done her duty and inside she went to find her human friend Erica.

Erica was a twelve year old female with long red hair, lashes and brows, and freckles across her face, her best friends name was Elizabeth. She had a sister named Jessica with long blond hair and a freckles cross her face. Her brother, James had black spiked hair, he had no freckles and he loved his skateboard.

Today Elizabeth was over and the family was laid back not doing anything really; Mrs.Challan was in the kitchen, baking, while Mr.Challan was down stairs, writing a book. Silver didn’t understand why a tree was in their family room, but as long as it made the room smell like the adventuress outdoors she explored it was fine. She went up the steep stairs she climbed every day to see her hound friend Terrance.

It was his time of the day he always settled in for his nap. Upstairs he was just lying down; he heard the silent padded paws of his friend on the soft blue carpet. He got up immediately and crashed about in the hall. All the while, Silver was carefully going up the steps easily, (after all she had climbed these stairs since she was a kitten.) All of a sudden she saw a pink, drooly object, next thing she knew she was wet and slimy. Terrance removed his sticky tongue. Silver hissed and smacked him to show she didn’t like that. Terrance thought that meant continue so he kept laying his tongue on Silver’s face. Luckily Jessica came up the stairs, picked up her dog and went to her room to make an “important” phone call.

Alone Silver went back down the stairs; maybe she could annoy Mrs. Challen enough to get some cookie dough. She went into the kitchen where Angelica was baking up a storm. Silver jumped up onto the cold tiled counter and swiped her fluffy tail in front of Mrs. Challen. Annoyed Mrs. Challen pushed her off. Silver kept doing the same routine, jump, swipe, pushed off. After a few rounds of this game Mrs. Challen got quite annoyed and threw a piece of sticky cookie dough to make Silver go away with her annoyance following her. Silver skipped to the piece of dough that had dropped in the hall way, she nibbled on it here and there. YUCK! Peanut butter! She left the abandoned cookie dough in the dark hall way for Terrence to get, he loved peanut butter.

 A few minutes later Silver was taken outside again. Silver was no ordinary everyday cat, she sensed danger usually around the favorite holiday of the family, Christmas. Tonight was one of those nights. She was walking towards the old oak tree which usually had no snow.

That’s when it happened, her ears perked up like a coyotes, her fur sprang up like a porcupines quills, she dashed to the snow coated fence, and gracefully leaped over the white fence without hesitation, just scraping her belly enough to make her tumble. She landed in deep snow that reached to her neck and struggled out. She ran towards the middle of town, two blocks from her beloved family. She stopped right in front of a field to find a little child crying on a sled, her leg was bent in an awkward position. Silver didn’t know what to do so she did the only thing she could. She went over to the child to offer her comfort.


The End

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